Top 5 BRUNT Workwear Gear for All-day Comfort in the Shop


Whether you work in an automotive, fabrication or manufacturing shop, you know all too well just how much the conditions can vary from one season—or even, at times, day or week—to the next. 

For example, sometimes your shop may be so hot and humid that you can hardly focus on whichever task is at hand. Or, at other times, it might be so cold that you need to bundle up with layers, which may result in bulkiness and, in turn, discomfort as you strive to finish your work. 

Regardless of the temperature within your shop, one factor doesn’t vary though: the potential hazards you face every day, which can lead to on-the-job injuries. Although some injuries are, unfortunately, virtually impossible to avoid (thousands of injuries occur annually in shops around the world, after all), many can certainly be minimized or even eliminated by wearing proper protection

To help you stay comfortable on the job, no matter what the temperature is, while also remaining protected from hazards and, consequently, reducing your likelihood for injuries, BRUNT Workwear offers premium, quality workwear for automotive, fabrication and manufacturing shop professionals like yourself. Here are five that currently stand out to the IRONPROS team. 

Marin 8-in. Soft Toe Work Boots 

Marin 8-in. Soft Toe Work Boots.

Named after Matt Marin—a friend of BRUNT Workwear CEO and founder Eric Girouard, who wore moc toe boots on his jobsite and paid a considerable amount of money each time he replaced them—these boots are more affordable than other brands’ moc toe offerings, yet they provide just as many, if not more, benefits. For starters, they’re oil and slip resistant, leading to a decline in potential injuries. In addition, the 8-in. boots will protect you from various electrical hazards, as they’re electrical hazard rated. Not to mention, they’ll help ensure your feet remain dry, as they have triple-layer waterproofing, too. 

Lightweight, as each boot only weighs roughly 2 lbs., the boots are also highly comfortable, due to their breathable mesh linings, cushioned bottom layers and memory foam middle layers. Featuring lightweight rubber foam midsoles that absorb shocks as you walk on rough terrain, the boots have adjustable widths as well, due to their gray inserts (underneath their insoles), which can be removed, thereby providing extra width, if necessary. 

Sizes: 7 to 16 

Best Features: Oil and slip resistance; triple-layer waterproofing 

Price: $169.00 – 

Torra Work Pants 

Torra Work Pants.

If you’ve been seeking a pair of work pants that you can wear in practically any type of work environment, whether your shop is cold or hot, look no further than The Torra. Comprised of cotton (64%), polyester (34%) and spandex (2%), the pants are highly comfortable from the moment you first wear them. Featuring a two-way stretch, along with articulated knees, the pants enable you to easily move from one task to another at your shop, which is often critical, as you may not always have much space to move around in, especially as you’re conducting various job assignments.  

Built to last for years, as long as they’re properly maintained, the pants will protect you from numerous on-the-job hazards, while also offering you several other benefits. First, you can store many items, as they provide ample storage space—a direct result of their pockets (five in all) and tool clip patch. Named after Girouard’s friend Tony Torra, a U.S. Army veteran that has held jobs as a construction worker and heavy equipment hauler and operator, these pants provide something for everyone. 

Colors: Black, brown, charcoal, khaki and tan 

Waists: 28 to 42 

Lengths: 30 to 36 

Best Features: Articulated knees; two-way stretch 

Price: $59.00 –  

Shevlin Hoodie 

Shevlin Hoodie.

Created for longevity, as evidenced by its cotton (60%) and polyester (40%) composition, this hoodie was named after Girouard’s friend John Shevlin, a construction company owner originally from Ireland. Although you won’t need to wear it during the summer months, it will certainly come in handy this fall and winter, as it’s warm and comfortable, due to its soft fleece design. And, just as importantly, it provides a variety of components, which are key as you work in your shop. 

First, its hood is compatible for helmets, enabling you to protect your head from hazards, while maintaining your ear and neck warmth as well—a combination that is far too rare, with regards to hoodie offerings these days. Additionally, it has snap buttons at its neck, which can be opened or closed, depending on how warm or cold you are. Longer than most other hoodies, allowing you to remain protected as you bend down or stretch to conduct your job tasks, the hoodie also has an oversized pocket for your tools, along with a hidden pocket for your cell phone. 

Colors: Black, BRUNT orange, hunter green, light grey heather and navy blue 

Sizes: Small to 4XL 

Best Features: Helmet compatible; oversized pocket for tools 

Price: $59.00 –  

McKenna Sun Shirt 

McKenna Sun Shirt.

Co-designed by its namesake, Chris McKenna, a landscape professional and friend of Girouard, this shirt was created, in particular, for summertime usage. After all, it’s highly breathable and lightweight, as it’s comprised of 4.87-oz fabric. At the same time, it can wick away moisture too, so that you never have to worry about sweating. Able to dry rapidly, the shirt, which has a blend of polyester (88%) and spandex (12%) fabric, is also very comfortable, regardless of how hot your shop is. 

Offering UPF 50+ sun protection in case you need to work outside at times as well, the shirt will never stick to your body either, as it has a four-way stretch. And it won’t rub against your skin, due to its flatlock seams, or scratch your shoulders, as a result of its drop shoulder seams. Of note, the shirt can be worn all year round too, due to its long sleeves and breathability whenever it’s worn underneath other layers. 

Colors: Blue heather, BRUNT orange and grey heather 

Sizes: Small to 3XL 

Best Features: Drop shoulder and flat lock seams; UPF 50+ sun protection 

Price: $39.00 – 

Bolduc Work Boots 

Bolduc Work Boots.

Developed for long-term comfort, these boots feature rounded nano toes that are comprised of various lightweight composite materials, enabling you to wear them for several hours at a time—without hardly noticing you’re even wearing them. Utilizing triple-layer waterproofing that will protect your feet from heavy rain and snow, the boots also have an air mesh lining, leading to high breathability as you work in high humidity and temperatures. Weighing only 1.9 lbs. (another factor that enhances their light feel), the boots are very durable too, as they have double stitching, along with a full-grain leather composition. 

For further comfort, the boots’ insoles have nonstick top layers, along with middle layers comprised of memory foam and bottom layers that are highly cushioned. Moreover, they have lightweight rubber foam midsoles that will absorb any shocks as you walk on rough terrain. Of equal importance, you can easily adjust their widths by removing their gray inserts, which are located underneath their insoles. And, finally, they’re easy to put on and take off, as they don’t have any laces. 

Sizes: 7 to 14 

Best Features: Shock absorbing midsoles; triple-layer waterproofing 

Price: $159.00 – 

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