BRUNT Workwear Marin vs. Red Wing Traction Tred #405 Boots


The importance of comfortable and durable work boots can’t be stressed enough. You put in long hours every day on the job site and deserve reliable and affordable footwear to get the job done.

In the work boots industry, two companies stand out when it comes to reliability and on-the-job comfort: BRUNT Workwear and Red Wing Shoes. To help you determine which brand is suitable for you and your specific needs, IRONPROS has reviewed BRUNT Workwear’s The Marin and Red Wings Traction Tred #405.

IRONPROS focused on comfort, in-person purchasing potential, breathability, affordability, selection variety and overall value.

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Comfort: BRUNT Workwear

BRUNT offers a variety of styles to fit your specific needs, including its most popular offering: The Marin. Available in both soft and comp toe, the Marin boots are super comfortable and feature lightweight, rubber foam midsoles, which absorb shocks as you walk on rough terrain.

Unlike many boots that take time to break in, BRUNT’s boots are comfortable from the moment you take them out of the box, thanks to their triple-layer insole, a midsole designed for shock absorption and the flexibility to adjust the width using a removable insole system. With this system, you can transition from a standard fit (D) to a wider fit (EE) as needed. This immediate comfort is a huge plus, as Red Wing and other boot brands often have a several week, painful break in period.

The Marin is also super lightweight. For example, one size 9 Marin boot weighs 1.66 lbs., compared to the 2-lb. weight of the Red Wing Traction Tred #405. Those extra ounces add up when you are putting in hard work and a lighter boot means being less tired when you clock out at the end of the day.

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BRUNT Workwear Marin Work Boots.

Boots to Buy in Person: Red Wing Shoes

Although shopping online is more convenient for most people, some still prefer purchasing work boots in a store. BRUNT currently only sells online, so Red Wing does give you the opportunity to try on several pairs in store before making a purchase decision.

To keep things easy for their customers, BRUNT does offer a 30-day risk-free trial for the Marin. You can try any boots you like on the job and if you don't love them you can simply return them or exchange them for a new pair. And they cover shipping costs both ways to save you money.

Breathability: BRUNT Workwear

Composed of full-grain leather, with cushioned insoles and rubber foam midsoles, BRUNT’s Marin boots are very flexible, yet another factor of their overall comfort and also have mesh linings, ensuring your feet will remain cool and comfortable.

If you are looking for a safety toe boot, the Marin also has a better option than the Red Wing Traction Tred. The Marin Comp Toe contains a composite safety toe, which meets ASTM F2413-18 standards and does not conduct heat or cold like the steel toe that Red Wing uses. Due to this newer technology in the Marin boot, they’re very breathable, ensuring your feet will be as comfortable as possible, regardless of how high the heat and humidity are.

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BRUNT Workwear Marin Work Boots.

Affordability: BRUNT Workwear

Without question, The Marin and the Traction Tred #405 boots each provide a wide array of desirable qualities, from their durability and waterproofing to their looks and comfort. Nonetheless, The Marin boots offer more “bang for your buck” than the Traction Tred #405 boots.

In fact, there’s a nearly $100 difference between the two offerings, as the Traction Tred #405 boots cost $234.99, while the Marins cost just $139 on Even if you’re a lifelong Red Wing customer, that’s a considerable price difference that simply can’t be ignored.

And best of all? The Marin doesn’t compromise comfort or quality to ensure the pair is this affordable, as proved by their insoles, midsoles and full-grain leather exteriors. By purchasing The Marins, you’ll receive everything you would have with the Traction Tred #405 boots, while having some money left over for other workwear purchases.

Variety: Red Wing Shoes

There's no doubt that as a 100+ year-old brand, Red Wing has developed a wide variety of boot styles that can do a good job regardless of your work environment.

As a three-year old challenger brand, BRUNT's overall selection is definitely smaller. But with more than a dozen boots to choose from today and new offerings on the docket for 2024, there's plenty of variety there for most customers and it won't be long before BRUNT catches up.

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BRUNT Workwear Marin Work Boots.

Best Value Overall: BRUNT Workwear

Price aside, the Marin is simply a better overall work boot than the Traction Tred #405. They win on comfort, with no break-in period and are highly breathable, durable and lightweight, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy them for long shifts, day after day.

BRUNT Workwear is so confident in their boots that they offer every customer a risk-free trial. You can wear them on your jobsite for 30 days and return them if you aren’t 100% satisfied. Returns are easy and shipping is free, too.

After thorough evaluation, IRONPROS recommends that you consider the Marin by BRUNT Workwear when you are ready for your next pair of work boots. In our opinion, the sooner you can place your feet in them, the better!

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