You Asked, They Listened: BRUNT Just Launched Their Innovative BRUNT Toe On All-New Styles


Huge news from BRUNT Workwear – they're rolling out their game-changing BRUNT Toe feature across more boot styles! It's a big deal for anyone who beats up their gear and needs boots that can keep up.

BRUNT listened to the countless customers who love the 6-in. BRUNT Toe but wanted a bit more ankle support. By expanding this ultra-durable feature to their Marin 8-in. and Bolduc styles, they're making sure more workers have access to boots that are ready to tackle anything the job throws at them. It’s clear BRUNT is serious about stepping up their game and keeping workers at the center of everything they do.

Innovative Design

BRUNT boots

Next-gen BOLDUC BRUNT Toe.

When you're on the job, your boots take a beating – especially the toes. That's where the BRUNT Toe can help. It's a patent pending feature, designed to prevent those high-wear areas from wearing out. Developed with real workers who were tired of boots that just couldn't cut it, the BRUNT team went to the drawing board. They came up with this beast of a feature that’s all about protecting your boots where they need it most.

It’s innovation with a purpose, and it's pretty cool to see a company actually listen to their customers and then act on it.

BRUNT work boots

Improved Durability

BRUNT boots

Next-gen MARIN BRUNT Toe.

The BRUNT Toe is built tough, upping the durability of the standard moc-toe boot, keeping your toes and heels safe from everyday wear and tear. The bullet-proof outer shell shields against the kind of damage that usually sends boots to the trash. Crafted with waterproof, barnyard-resistant Texas steer leather and a slip, oil, and heat-resistant outsole, it delivers superior protection and performance while maintaining exceptional comfort.

Perfect for demanding tasks and those who work on their knees, the Marin BRUNT Toe extends the lifespan of your boots and safeguards your feet on tough job sites.

BRUNT work boots

Added Protection 

Now that this feature is available on the Marin 8-in. boot and the 9-in. pull-on Bolduc, more workers can experience this extreme durability and performance. BRUNT's commitment to listening to their customers and addressing their needs is setting a new standard in the workwear industry.

With the BRUNT Toe, workers can focus on what they do best, knowing their footwear is built to endure alongside them. If you need extra durable boots with added ankle support, you have to check out the new BRUNT Toe styles, the Marin 8-in. and the Bolduc. Plus, they have a 30-day risk-free trial so you can try them out, and send them back for free if you don’t love them! 

BRUNT work boots

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