Best Construction Gear of 2024 from BRUNT


Anyone working in construction knows they have to be prepared for anything thrown their way. Whether you’re out there shivering in the snow or sweating buckets in the heat, it’s a daily grind on the job; not to mention the constant danger. Fortunately, having the right gear can make all the difference.

For us here at IRONPROS, it's clear that BRUNT Workwear's line, especially the Marin Comp Toe, the Martin Pants and the Marin BRUNT Toe, stands out for 2024.

These products are a testament to BRUNT's deep understanding of what construction professionals really need: durability that withstands rough conditions, safety features for on-site hazards and comfort for long, hard days. This trio from BRUNT are some of our top choices for construction workers this year, so let’s dive in a bit deeper on each one. 

The Marin Comp Toe

BRUNT work boots

The Marin Comp Toe.

In a dangerous job where every step counts, BRUNT’s Marin Comp Toe is a true game-changer. Crafted for those who don't just face the elements but conquer them, this boot features a lightweight nano composite toe, ensuring maximum protection without the bulk of traditional steel.

The rubber-skinned sole, built with oil and slip resistance, ensures you stay confident on uneven terrain. Plus, with triple-layer waterproofing and durable full-grain leather, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever mother nature throws at you. Designed for everyone from builders to project managers, the Marin Comp Toe offers the perfect blend of comfort and rugged durability, ensuring confidence and safety on any job site. 

BRUNT boots

The Marin BRUNT Toe

BRUNT work boots

The Marin BRUNT Toe.

For construction workers who really put their gear through the wringer, the Marin BRUNT Toe is a no-brainer. With its innovative BRUNT Toe, this boot gives you that extra protection for the daily grind of the site, ensuring you can work confidently.

The nano composite safety toe keeps things light but tough, perfect for those heavy-duty tasks. Add in the oil and slip-resistant sole and triple-layer waterproofing and you've got a boot that can hold up to any environment you’re thrown into. Whether you're knee-deep in work or using your boot as a makeshift tool, the Marin BRUNT Toe has got your back (and your feet). 

BRUNT boots

The Martin Pant

BRUNT work pants

The Martin Pant.

Tough, yet flexible, The Martin pants are loaded with features tailored for the toughest construction sites. They boast a water-resistant DWR finish and abrasion-resistant material. With a smart pocketing system, including a one-hand accessible right leg pocket and a secure zippered left leg pocket, these pants are all about practicality.

The double-layered knees and reinforced kick plates add to their durability, while the gusseted crotch and moisture-wicking waistband ensure all-day comfort and mobility. Designed with a premium blend of materials, the Martin Pants are built to last, perfect for construction workers who never stop. 

BRUNT boots


For construction workers who demand gear as tough as the job itself, BRUNT’s lineup hits the mark. The Marin Comp Toe, The Martin Pants and the Marin BRUNT Toe are all tough as nails and smart in design, tailored for the hardcore demands of the jobsite.

They're a nod to the gritty, never-quit spirit of the folks they're made for. For those in the trenches, BRUNT's gear is the real deal and with a 30-day free trial, we don't see any reason not to give them a shot. 

BRUNT boots

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