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When Eric Girouard founded BRUNT Workwear in 2019, he was inspired by friends he had known since he was a child—friends that decided to enter the skilled trades industry right after they received their high school diplomas. 

Understanding full well what they were interested in acquiring, with regards to workwear for their jobsites (and often unable to do so), Girouard decided to develop a workwear clothing manufacturing company in which workers (his best friends) would help design its various offerings. 

Seeking advice from his friends throughout the various steps of the design and manufacturing processes, particularly regarding exactly what his friends, along with their colleagues, have learned they need on the job, Eric created a wide array of workwear options. Produced for workers, by workers, the company’s offerings range from boots and hoodies, to pants and shorts, to shirts and jackets, among other options. One such offering is The Costello Pant, named after Girouard’s friend, Jason Costello. 

Costello is a landscape curber that has worked in Southern California’s high temperatures for more than 20 years. In other words, he knows how to work in unbearable heat, and he knows exactly what he needs to wear, in order to remain as comfortable as possible. 

With this in mind, The Costello Pant has been designed for workers that must complete job tasks in high temperatures, day in and day out. To determine how they help workers—like you—remain cool for hours on end, even as temperatures approach 100℉, BRUNT Workwear recently mailed a pair of The Costello Pant to me, so that I could witness its various benefits firsthand. 

Here is what I noticed after wearing them in high heat (roughly 90℉) for a few hours while conducting outdoor work, leading me, along with the rest of the IRONPROS team, to recommend them to you. 

Durable, Yet Lightweight 

To ensure they can be worn in high heat for several hours at a time, each pair of The Costello Pant is very lightweight, as they’re comprised of 5-ounce fabric. Aside from being lightweight, the pants are highly durable too, due to their construction: 88% mini ripstop nylon and 12% spandex. 

After all, nylon is much more robust than cotton, leading to its potential for longevity. Not to mention, it’s resistant to stains and wrinkles. And it doesn’t absorb any material. Therefore, it’s built to last, and, since The Costello Pant is mostly comprised of nylon, each pair will possibly endure for years as well—as long as you maintain them properly. In particular, you’ll need to ensure you machine wash them regularly, prior to drying them. Of note, lower heat may be more ideal to help prevent any potential for shrinkage. 

The bottom line is this: if you do your part, you will have lightweight pants you can rely on for months, if not years, to come, regardless of where (or how often) you wear them. 

Highly Flexible 

As a result of the pants’ mini ripstop fabric, which offers four-way stretch, they’re highly flexible, too. Resistant to tears, the pants can be worn for practically any job task that you need to complete, no matter how often you have to bend down, kneel and stretch. In turn, you’ll be able to easily move from one job assignment to another, even as you walk on uneven terrain to do so. 

And, consequently, your range of motion will be extremely high, enabling you to conduct any job task you’re asked to—without any hesitation at all. Due to the pants’ comfort, breathability, durability and flexibility, you’ll have the confidence you need to work on even the most daunting jobsites, as well as in the most extreme conditions. 

Consistently Dry 

In order to work in high heat, time after time, your pants must repel moisture, including sweat. Simply put, you can’t expect to work at the best of your abilities if your legs are wet at all. Not only will you be highly uncomfortable, but you’ll also be more prone to injuries like chafing. The drier you are, the more comfortable you’ll be. And, as a result, you’ll likely offer your employer higher productivity. 

For long-term dryness, even if you have to work 12-plus-hour shifts, The Costello Pant has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating that wicks away moisture and ensures long-term dryness. Generally provided on products like rain jackets and backpacks, the coating enables water droplets to become beads whenever they strike the pants’ surfaces, leading to minimal absorption. Hence, the pants are water resistant, regardless of how much rain they’re exposed to. 

This coating is a rarity among pants, too. Because of its effectiveness, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s added to many more pant offerings down the road, enabling them—like The Costello Pant—to be worn, whether you’re working in rain or shine. 

Ease of Movement 

Aside from their mini ripstop fabric composition, these pants provide two other features that ensure easy movement from one task to the next: articulated knees and a gusseted crotch. First off, the pants’ articulated knees, which are basically curves, will allow you to have unrestricted movement as you bend down, climb, walk and conduct a wide assortment of tasks. You practically won’t feel the pants on your knees at all, even if you have to constantly move for long shifts. 

In addition, since the pants have a gusseted crotch, you’ll have even more comfort, along with a higher range of motion, as you bend, climb and crawl. Speaking from personal experience, I was able to easily move around a relatively large property while wearing them, as I conducted many tasks in high heat. There were no barriers to my movements whatsoever, enabling me to understand firsthand the ways in which they’ll positively impact your on-the-job productivity. 

Plentiful Storage Opportunities 

If you’re like most construction workers, the more storage your pants offer you, the better. Of course, you don’t want to feel bogged down by the storage options either. A proper blend of ample storage and comfort is ideal. And, as a result of the pants’ design, you’ll have that happy medium you desire. 

First, the pants have front hand pockets that you can utilize for countless items. Second, they have a double-layer knife clip panel that allows you to hold a majority of knives—from those that are quite small to those that are quite large—at your side. For further storage purposes, the pants also have a drop-in cell phone pocket, which can be used for phones of various sizes. And they have slanted back pockets that will enable you to effortlessly access a variety of items, whether you choose to store small tools or objects like rulers in them. 

The pockets are placed in comfortable positions within the pants, too. While wearing the pants, I added a few items to the pockets and, after a bit of time, hardly noticed they were there. Not to mention, the pants felt highly durable as I added items to their pockets, primarily due to the mega belt loop that BRUNT Workwear decided to add to them. 

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Various Options 

Thus far, I have discussed The Costello Pant’s light weight, durability, comfort, flexibility, dryness and storage capabilities. But one other significant component has yet to be examined: their variety.  

For starters, the pants are available in three colors—black, charcoal and khaki. Each of these colors will enable you to maintain a professional appearance, whether you’re returning to a jobsite you’ve worked at for years or you’re meeting your fellow co-workers for the first time. Not only will you feel good as you wear these pants, but you’ll also look good. And, as you know, the better you look, the more confident you’ll be on the job. 

Furthermore, they’re offered in two lengths, from 30 to 32, and eight waist sizes, ranging from 28 to 42. As a result of their variety, along with their numerous other benefits, the pants are definitely priced fairly ($69 per pair), in my opinion. 

Should You Purchase the BRUNT Costello Pant? 

Without question, yes! The Costello Pant will provide everything that you, as a construction worker, need from a pair of pants. Their durability can’t be discussed enough. When you’re working long shifts, over and over again, in terrain that may damage your clothing, you’ll want the most durable pants possible. Due to their ripstop nylon composition, these pants will offer you the durability you need, enabling them to be worn on a long-term basis (again, if they’re properly maintained). 

Additionally, lightness is critical this time of year. The lighter your work pants, especially as temperatures approach 100℉, the better, as you won’t be overheated, even if you work in the hot sun for hours on end.  

It isn’t common to find a pair of pants that are durable and lightweight, while providing stain and wrinkle resistance, too. However, The Costello Pant will offer you this all-too-infrequent combination. 

Aside from being durable and lightweight, these pants will allow you to move freely on your jobsites as well, so that you can effortlessly bend down, kneel and stretch. You’ll also be able to conduct practically any other type of movement easily too, as you complete your job tasks, move from one jobsite to another and, if necessary, add more hours to your shifts. From their ripstop nylon composition, to their articulated knees, to their gusseted crotch, you’ll be highly comfortable as you transition from one task to the next, period. 

For further comfort and a high range of motion, the pants also have a four-way stretch. As a result, the pants aren’t only even more durable, as they’re resistant to tears, but their flexibility is off the charts. Therefore, you’ll maintain your comfort, no matter how (and how often) you have to move your body to complete your tasks. 

Another vital component, concerning the pants’ overall comfort, is the DWR coating that consistently wicks away moisture, allowing you to remain dry while you work in high heat and humidity, along with severe rainstorms. Your dryness on the job is a necessity, in order to guarantee you’ll be as comfortable as possible and perform to the best of your abilities consistently. And The Costello Pant—as a direct result of the DWR coating, a typically unique addition to pants in general—will never let you down, with regards to this key ingredient to your overall success. 

Finally, you’ll be able to store a wide range of tools and items (which is particularly crucial if you don’t feel like wearing a toolbelt for several hours at a time or carrying a toolbox day in and out). From its double-layer knife clip panel, to its front hand pockets, to its slanted back pockets, you’ll have practically every storage option you need, aside from a hammer loop. 

In fact, the lack of a hammer loop is the only substantial negative I noticed while wearing The Costello Pant. At first glance, their price (again, $69) may appear to be a negative as well. But, if you consider each of the pants’ positives—as shown by this article, there are plenty—then they’re reasonably priced. I personally believe they’re worth every penny, and I think you’ll most likely agree too, as soon as you wear them for the first time. 

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