Top 5 Mechanic Gloves for Fleet Maintenance and Tool Work

To protect your hands, enhance your gripping capabilities and maintain your fleets more effectively, consider purchasing one of these mechanic gloves.


As a construction worker, you know just how much your job tasks can vary from day to day. One day you may be working on slippery surfaces, while the next day you might be holding onto slippery tools, due to their proximity to lubricants, oil and other liquids.

To ensure you’re able to properly grip your tools and, in turn, conduct your job tasks in the most efficient manner possible, you should consider purchasing a pair of mechanic gloves. In doing so, you’ll not only be able to grip your tools no matter what you may touch, but you’ll also protect your hands from chemicals, lubricants, oils, solvents and other elements you should avoid touching.

In addition to handling your tools in a more effective fashion, you’ll be able to maintain your fleet too, as you’ll have the gripping capabilities you need, day in and day out. Not to mention, you’ll avoid any downtime associated with hand injuries, as you’ll significantly minimize your risk for blisters, burns and cuts.

The bottom line? By purchasing mechanic gloves, you’ll maintain your fleet more efficiently, utilize a variety of tools, even as they’re extremely slippery, and reduce your short- and long-term hand injuries, leading to optimal productivity on your jobsite. Consider buying them sooner, rather than later, though, as they’ll provide several other immediate benefits, including the following.

Why Buy Mechanic Gloves?

The benefits of mechanic gloves, concerning hand safety, are certainly apparent. But which other types of benefits will you notice while wearing them? One, in particular, stands out: they offer considerable variety. For instance, you can purchase gloves that are disposable or gloves that can be utilized for long durations. Additionally, you can purchase gloves comprised of various materials, from leather to nitrile. Regardless of which type you decide to purchase, you’ll have the protection you need.

As an example of mechanic gloves’ protection capabilities, some have padded palms that diminish shock and vibration as you use your hand tools. Others have foam padding knuckles that decrease any impact you would have otherwise noticed on the tops of your hands while utilizing your tools and maintaining your fleet. Moreover, other gloves also have coatings or double-layered backsides that resist abrasions, leading to utmost protection from on-the-job hazards.

At the same time, some gloves have touchscreen fingertips, so that you can use your phone and tablet on your jobsite during your breaks, as you’ll never have to remove them. And, as a result of their composition, some gloves are also highly breathable, flexible and form fitting, so that practically anyone can wear them, as they’ll never slip off of your hands—even if they become wet, due to rain and sweat.

In order to notice each of these benefits, among others, consider purchasing one of the following mechanic gloves. They’ll have an instantaneous impact on your productivity, as you handle your tools and maintain your fleets.

Grease Monkey Bones Foam Nitrile Gloves

Offered in five sizes, ranging from small to XXL, these mechanic gloves are highly durable, as a result of their Foam Nitrile, latex-free coating. After all, this coating enables them to resist abrasions and punctures, leading to their potentially long lifespans. Aside from protecting your hands from cuts (associated with sharp objects like glass), the gloves will also provide you high gripping capabilities, regardless of how slippery your jobsites or tools are. Consequently, no job will be too difficult for you, even if you work in heavy rains and snow. And, since the gloves are very flexible, they’re easy to put on and take off as well.

Best Features: Foam Nitrile, latex-free coating; high gripping capabilities

Price: $4.99 - $12.95 – Buy on

Handlandy Anti-vibration, Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

Available in eight colors and seven sizes, these mechanic gloves feature padded palms and spandex backs. Due to their padded palms, the gloves will diminish any shock and vibration that’s associated with hand tool usage. On the other hand, as a result of their spandex backs, your hands will remain cool and comfortable, even as you utilize them during the peak of summer. Featuring foam padding knuckles that decrease any impact that may occur on the tops of your hands while using your tools, the gloves also have touchscreen fingertips. Therefore, you can use your phone and tablet—without ever having to take your gloves off.

Best Features: Padded palms; spandex backs

Price: $10.62 – Buy on

Ironclad Performance Wear General Utility Gloves

Featuring thermoplastic rubber, these mechanic gloves will, in turn, ensure your knuckles are protected from any abrasions and high impacts you may encounter on the job. Additionally, the gloves have breathable nylon backs that reduce sweat and increase your comfortability, especially as you work long shifts in high heat. For further comfort, the gloves also have Terry

cloth sweat wipes on the backs of their thumbs, which enable you to wipe your forehead whenever you sweat—and continue to focus on your present tasks. Of equal importance, the form-fitting gloves can be machine washed and air dried, too. In doing so, they’ll maintain their original fits long term.

Best Features: Breathable nylon backs; Terry cloth sweat wipes on thumbs

Price: $14.00 – Buy on

Mechanix Wear Leather FastFit Gloves

Due to their DuraHide leather composition, these gloves offer you high abrasion resistance so that you can utilize sharp tools and surround yourself with sharp objects, as they’ll diminish your hand injuries considerably. Utilizing TrekDry material, which is form fitting and, consequently, enables them to have comfortable, secure fits, the gloves are comprised of flexible stretch elastic, too. Therefore, they’ll fit securely around your wrists as well, while also enabling you to easily remove them. Furthermore, since the gloves have a pinched fingertip construction, each of their fingertips will maintain their durability for potentially years to come—even if you constantly grab and hold objects during your shifts.

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; pinched fingertip construction

Price: $20.99 – Buy on

OZERO 9040 Gloves

As a result of their double-layered backsides, these gloves offer you protection from a variety of hazards, as they can resist several types of abrasions. Comprised of highly breathable fabric that eliminates the potential for sweat, the lightweight gloves are very flexible, enabling you to effortlessly pick up various tools with them. Providing fingertips that allow you to use your phone and tablet without ever having to take them off, the gloves also have adjustable hook and loop wrist closures. Thus, they’ll securely remain on your wrists, no matter which types of job tasks you have to conduct, including those that may often lead to glove slippage.

Best Features: Moisture wicking capabilities; stain and wrinkle resistance

Price: $9.99 – Buy on

FAQs for Mechanic Gloves

What are mechanic gloves comprised of?

There are a ton of options—from leather and neoprene, to nylon and polyester (among others). It’s truly up to you, with regards to your personal preference, as well as your location, as some materials are more ideal for warm climates, while others are more suitable for cooler climates.

Should I purchase disposable gloves or gloves that may potentially be used for months or years to come?

Again, it’s completely up to you. If you’d prefer a more affordable option and you’re conducting job tasks that will really wear out your gloves, you may want to think about purchasing disposable gloves. If you prefer endurance, and don’t mind possibly spending more money, consider purchasing leather gloves.

How can I maintain my mechanic gloves—if I choose not to purchase disposable ones, that is?

If you purchase leather gloves, for example, consider cleaning them in cold water with a mild laundry detergent. Afterwards, air dry them to avoid shrinkage. Avoid bleach and high heat at all times!

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