Leather Work Gloves for Complete Hand Protection


As a construction worker, the list of items you’ll encounter on the job is practically endless, from glass, to nails, to screws. 

With that in mind, your hands must be protected at all times, without any exception. And, to ensure they’re guarded from abrasions as much as possible, you should consider purchasing leather work gloves, as they tend to offer more protection than virtually any other type of glove on the market. 

Aside from protecting you from numerous injury risks, some of which may lead to long-term downtime and, consequently, productivity and profit losses, leather work gloves also provide the following benefits, as you conduct outdoor construction job tasks. 

Why Buy Leather Work Gloves?

First off, leather work gloves are typically very comfortable, as they’re often highly breathable, enabling them to be worn for long periods of time, even as temperatures increase during the summer months. Of equal importance, they’re renowned for their durability too, as their leather compositions are generally abrasion resistant—a key feature that allows them to consistently protect your hands for long durations. 

In addition, leather work gloves often have secure fits, which enable them to remain securely on your hands as you conduct various job tasks, while also ensuring objects, such as glass and small rocks, aren’t ever found inside of them. Not to mention, many gloves have keystone thumbs as well, which will enhance your grips as you steadily pick up objects during your long shifts. 

To ensure they maintain their durability long term, some gloves offer features like arc flash and water resistance as well, allowing them to be worn in challenging work environments and weather conditions. And, finally, since many leather work gloves are available in several sizes, they can be worn by a wide range of construction workers, too. 

In order to acquire these benefits, among others, consider purchasing one of the following five leather work gloves. 

Galeton Rough Rider Gloves  

Galeton Rough Rider Gloves.

Comprised entirely of tanned grain leather, these highly durable gloves are resistant to practically any abrasion. Featuring bound leather cuffs, which tend to increase their lifespans, the leather gloves also diminish the potential of chafing on your wrists. As a result, your wrists will remain protected, even as you work long shifts for weeks on end. To further protect your hands, the gloves feature elastic wrists too, thereby preventing debris and dirt from entering their interiors. Therefore, your hands will be protected from any injuries associated with the irritation that’s often caused by debris, including cuts and scratches. Additionally, the gloves have inset keystone thumbs that will enhance your gripping capabilities. 

Best Features: Elastic wrists; inset keystone thumbs 

Price: $15.53 – Buy on Amazon.com 

J. J. Keller SAFEGEAR Cowhide Leather Work Gloves 

J. J. Keller SAFEGEAR Cowhide Leather Work Gloves.

Offered in five sizes, ranging from small to XXL, these gloves are comprised of all-leather, top grain cowhide material. Consequently, they’ll provide you heavy-duty hand protection that’s well built, as they also have consistent grading. Highly breathable and, in turn, comfortable, due to their leather construction, the gloves are very resistant to abrasions. Thus, your hands will not only be protected from punctures as you handle sharp objects, but the gloves will maintain their longevity too, no matter where—or how long—you wear them. Featuring an ergonomic keystone thumb design that diminishes hand fatigue, the gloves are very nimble as well. 

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; ergonomic keystone thumb design 

Price: $20.79 – Buy on Amazon.com 

Mechanix Wear Leather Cow Driver Work Gloves 

Mechanix Wear Leather Cow Driver Work Gloves.

Highly breathable and comfortable, these gloves are ready to be worn from the moment you purchase them, as they don’t have to be broken in. Aside from offering high comfortability right away, the gloves are also very durable, as they’re resistant to abrasions, regardless of how sharp objects are whenever you transport items and tools on the job. Providing a secure fit too, due to their elastic cuffs, you’ll never have to worry about them coming off your hands, no matter which types of tasks you need to conduct. And, of equal importance, the gloves are water resistant as well, leading to further durability. 

Best Features: Elastic cuffs; water resistance 

Price: $21.99 – Buy on Amazon.com 

Wells Lamont Cowhide, Full Leather, Adjustable Work Gloves 

Wells Lamont Cowhide, Full Leather, Adjustable Work Gloves.

Available in five sizes, ranging from small to XXL, these gloves feature reinforced leather palm patches, leading to high durability, as they can be worn for long durations. Offering wrist closures, which have adjustable, ball and tape styles, the gloves prevent debris and dirt from entering their interiors, thereby reducing the risk of abrasions. At the same time, the gloves will remain firmly in place as you conduct your various job tasks, ensuring you never have to worry about them becoming loose or falling off of your hands. And, since the gloves are comprised of 100% grain cowhide, they’re protected from abrasions, too. 

Best Features: Reinforced leather palm patches; wrist closures 

Price: $16.23 – Buy on Amazon.com 

Youngstown Glove Company Ground Gloves 

Youngstown Glove Company Ground Gloves.

Featuring a goat grain leather construction, these gloves offer your fingers high dexterity, along with more enhanced gripping capabilities. Consequently, they’ll also be more mobile, leading to high comfortability as you conduct a variety of job tasks. Arc flash and puncture resistant, the gloves will protect you from several hand injury risks too, enabling you to maintain your productivity and avoid lengthy downtime, due to hand injuries. Available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from small to 3XL, the gloves are compliant to the National Fire Protection Association’s 70E Standard. Furthermore, they’re compliant to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 29 CFR Part 1926 as well. 

Best Features: Arc flash and puncture resistance; goat grain leather construction 

Price: $36.90 – Buy on Amazon.com 

FAQs for Leather Work Gloves 

How should I clean my leather work gloves? 

Consider using a damp microfiber cloth, along with mild soap. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your gloves, you should dry them naturally, striving to avoid any additional heat while doing so. After all, a high amount of heat may crack or shrink the leather. 

Is there anything else I should consider as I dry them? 

Ensure your gloves are laid out flatly, as you dry them with a towel. After drying them once with a towel, consider wearing them as they’re dried a few more times. In doing so, they won’t shrink during the drying process, as they’ll be able to maintain their shapes. 

Should I use a leather conditioner after I clean them? 

Yes. A leather conditioner will help your gloves remain soft and elastic—and, in turn, comfortable and flexible whenever you use them on the job. 

Learn how to break in leather gloves for long-term durability in this IRONPROS article.

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