Top 5 Dickies Cargo Pants for Carpenters

If you’re seeking highly comfortable and flexible pants that offer considerable storage space, look no further than these five Dickies cargo pants.


On IRONPROS, we often discuss construction workers’ wide array of job tasks, which may (and very often do) vary considerably from one day to the next. 

The same can be said about carpenters’ responsibilities as well, as they range from the installation of ceilings, floors, foundations, roofs and walls to the placement of doors, door frames and window frames. 

Each job task requires considerable bending and stretching, leading to the necessity for utmost comfort—from your feet to your head. In the past, we have discussed boots, shirts and headwear that professionals like you can consider purchasing. But what about pants? Which ones especially stand out, with regards to their overall comfort?  

Without question, a variety of manufacturers are currently creating several pants offerings, each of which is breathable, easy to bend and stretch in, and soft, resulting in high comfortability, regardless of how long you have to wear them or which types of weather conditions you need to wear them in. 

One manufacturer has certainly stood the test of time though: Dickies. Last year, the manufacturer celebrated its 100th anniversary by continuing to offer an assortment of clothing options, including its cargo pants, which have become renowned for their comfort, along with the following other benefits. 

Why Buy Dickies Cargo Pants? 

First off, when one discusses Dickies, they must focus on the manufacturer’s longevity, as well as its determination to evolve from one specialty to numerous specialties over the years. When the company was founded in 1922, it only offered customers bib overalls. But since then, it has manufactured nearly everything a carpenter could need on their jobsites, regarding their clothing, that is. 

From accessories like belts and hats, to their famous coveralls and overalls, to outwear like hoodies and jackets, to shirts and shorts, the manufacturer has shown just how committed it is to ensuring workers, including carpenters, are consistently comfortable, no matter how long their shifts are or where they need to complete their job tasks. This dedication is especially evident when it comes to its pants, as the manufacturer offers cargo, carpenter, double knee, painter and general work pants, along with jeans. 

As an example of Dickies’ variety, it also provides a wide selection of each type of pant, including cargo pants, which are available in loose, regular, relaxed and slim fits. Some are comprised of duck or ripstop fabrics, while others feature technologies like Temp-iQ, leading to body temperature control. 

Aside from their variety, the manufacturer’s cargo pants generally offer comfort too, often due to their breathability, flexibility and softness, resulting in a high range of motion, as well as the ability to them for several hours at a time—without any desire for changing wardrobes. And, finally, they tend to also offer ample storage options, enabling carpenters to bring various tools with them as they conduct job tasks and move from one site to another. 

To experience each of these positives firsthand, we recommend the following five cargo pants, which, although they’re each different in certain ways, simultaneously provide one key benefit: long-term comfort. 

FLEX DuraTech Relaxed Fit Duck Dickies Cargo Pants 

Offered in five colors (black, brown duck, moss green, slate gray and timber brown), these pants are also available in eight waist sizes, ranging from 30 to 44, along with three inseams: 30, 32 and 34. Comprised of cotton (68 percent), polyester (30 percent) and elastane (LYCRA fiber) (2 percent), the 9-ounce, flexible duck fabric pants have various pockets that can be used for cell phone and tool storage. Able to maintain their dryness for hours on end, due to their Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish, the comfy pants have a gusset too, which will enhance your movement capabilities as you bend and stretch on the job.  

Best Features: DWR finish; various pockets for storage purposes 

Price: $59.99 – Buy Dickies cargo pants on 

FLEX DuraTech Relaxed Fit Ripstop Cargo Pants 

Available in eight waist sizes too, ranging from 30 to 44 like the Duck Cargo Pants, these comfortable pants are offered in five colors as well: black, dark denim, desert sand, moss green and slate gray. Comprised of 8.25-ounce ripstop fabric that’s highly durable, the pants can, in turn, potentially be used in harsh work environments long-term—as long as you maintain them properly, that is. Featuring pleated cargo pockets that can be utilized for tool storage, the pants also have a cell phone pocket. Able to sit slightly below your waistline, the pants have reinforced back hems, pockets and seams as well, leading to further durability. 

Best Features: Highly durable ripstop fabric composition; pleated cargo pockets 

Price: $45.24 - $59.99 – Buy Dickies cargo pants on 

FLEX Regular Fit Cargo Pants 

Providing even more variety than the Duck and Ripstop Cargo Pants do, these pants are available in nine colors, ranging from Airforce blue to moss green. Their waist sizes are more wide ranging too—from 30, all the way up to 50. Offered with three inseam sizes, from 30 to 34, the 7.25-ounce mechanical stretch twill pants are comprised of polyester (65 percent) and cotton (35 percent), leading to their comfort and flexibility. Enabling you to easily move around while wearing them, the wrinkle-resistant pants have also been created for long-term usage, as they’re able to release stains, while wicking away moisture as well. 

Best Features: Moisture wicking capabilities; stain release  

Price: $39.99 – Buy Dickies cargo pants on 

Loose Fit Dickies Cargo Pants 

Able to sit on your waistline, these pants provide quite a bit of space through their seat and thighs, enabling you to easily bend down and stretch as you conduct your carpentry tasks. Particularly loose below their knee areas, the pants can also easily fit over a majority of boots, as they have 19-inch bottom leg openings. As a result, you’ll most likely be able to wear your favorite pair of boots with them without any issues whatsoever. Comprised of 100 percent cotton, resulting in their softness and, consequently, comfort, the pants have been garment washed as well, leading to even further softness. 

Best Features: 19-inch bottom leg openings; garment washed, resulting in softness 

Price: $29.99 – Buy Dickies cargo pants on 

Regular Fit Ripstop Cargo Pants 

Comprised of 8.4-ounce ripstop fabric, these straight leg pants feature LYCRA TOUGH MAX technology, leading to their robustness. In fact, they’re up to two times as durable as all-cotton denim pants. Featuring an expandable cargo pocket, the pants also have a cell phone pocket, resulting in plentiful storage space. Offering a 65 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester and 5 percent Elasterell-P (LYCRA T400) composition, the pants have a flexible waistband too, allowing you to adjust their waist size whenever necessary. This flexibility is noticed in one other considerable way: due to their composition, the pants themselves are flexible as well, enabling you to easily move around in them. 

Best Features: Flexible waistband; LYCRA TOUGH MAX technology 

Price: $45.99 - $49.99 – Buy Dickies cargo pants on 

FAQs for Dickies Cargo Pants 

Which type of fit is best for me? 

It’s truly up to you and your unique preferences. Dickies currently offers a variety of options, with regards to fits: loose, original, regular, relaxed, slim and skinny. To say the least, there are plenty of choices, thereby ensuring nearly everyone has a pair of cargo pants that they can purchase. 

Why should I consider purchasing DuraTech pants? 

They’re highly durable. As a result of their reinforced composition, they’ll not only likely offer you long lifespans, but they’ll also protect you from the various hazards you may encounter on your jobsite as you conduct your carpentry tasks. Durability + safety = a perfect combination. 

What about LYCRA TOUGH MAX technology? What stands out about it? 

Like DuraTech pants, any pants that feature this technology are built to last. In addition to their high durability, they’re very flexible, thus enabling you to have a high range of motion so that you can freely bend and stretch as often as you need to. 

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