Product Review: Remind Insoles REMEDY 6MM Custom Arch Heat Moldable Boot Insoles

Among other features, these boot insoles have Heat Molding technology, an innovation that enables them to mold to your feet in a highly customizable manner.


When people first think about Remind Insoles, they may visualize images of skateboarders and snowboarders using the company’s various products.  

After all, when John Makens created the organization in 2008, he was focused primarily on skateboarders and snowboarders, dedicated especially to decreasing their back, foot and knee injuries and pain. And, during the last 15 years, thousands upon thousands of skateboarders and snowboarders have purchased the manufacturer’s wide assortment of orthotic insoles. 

However, the company’s customer base isn’t limited to only skateboarders and snowboarders. In fact, many construction workers have discovered—and are continuing to discover—the ways in which the insoles will benefit them on a short- and long-term basis. 

If you, like thousands of other construction workers, are enduring back, foot and knee pain, or you’re interested in potentially preventing such pain to begin with, you may be interested in purchasing one of the company’s insoles sooner, rather than later. 

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Boot Insoles, which I highly recommended for several reasons. Remind Insoles actually mailed the insoles directly to me, in order to provide me an opportunity to wear them and determine just how suitable they are for construction workers. 

At the same time, the company also submitted another popular offering to me: REMEDY 6MM Custom Arch Heat Moldable Boot Insoles. Much like the CUSH IMPACT Insoles, I tested this product out too, as I wore them for several hours. 

The verdict? Practically any construction worker can wear them—and should consider doing so as soon as possible. And, as a result of the following benefits, I, as well as the entire IRONPROS team, highly recommend them to you. 

Arch Support 

As I mentioned in the article, I wrote about CUSH IMPACT 6MM boot insoles, one of the primary benefits of the manufacturer’s insoles is that they provide substantial arch support. The REMEDY 6MM boot insoles are, of course, no different.  

Featuring semi-rigid inserts, which bend every time that you take a step, your feet will, in turn, have the exact anatomical alignment that they need. And, consequently, any previous pain associated with misalignment (ankle discomfort, joint issues and so forth) will decrease considerably. Not to mention, your on-the-job productivity will rise, as you’ll be able to focus more on your job tasks and less on your previous pain. 

Correct Alignment  

The significance of the insoles’ ability to help you acquire, and then maintain, correct alignment must not be overlooked. Correct alignment, after all, will minimize possible injuries, resulting not only in better foot health, but enhanced health, with regards to your other body parts, too. 

For instance, due to the insoles’ support of your natural foot movements—again, your feet, leading to their complete personalization—as they align each of your body’s joints, they’ll reduce the ways in which walking may have negatively impacted your foot health. And then, from there, they’ll positively influence your ankles, hips, knees and spine as well, as each will be fully aligned, a direct result of the insoles’ orthotic shapes. 

Custom Molding  

Unlike the CUSH IMPACT 6MM boot insoles, these insoles will provide you a unique feature: Heat Molding technology, which enables them to mold to your feet in a highly customizable manner—with your particular feet details in mind. Consequently, you’ll receive the support that you (and your feet) have been longing for, ultimately leading to completely even weight distribution, healthier feet and better posture. 

To utilize the technology, you must first pre-heat your oven to 200℉. Upon doing so, you should then place the insoles in your oven for roughly 2 to 4 minutes. After the heating process has been completed, you can then remove the insoles from the oven and place them into your work boots (bear in mind the insoles’ warmth as your hands and feet touch them).  

Upon doing so, make sure you stand approximately “hip distance” apart for 2 minutes, prior to noticing a practically immediate outcome: insoles that are thoroughly molded to your feet. In turn, any specific issues, which negatively influenced your foot health and posture in the past, will diminish. 


Whenever I speak to construction workers, they tend to discuss one main issue they have with their work boots: their feet will often sweat in them, especially during the peak of summer. However, by wearing the REMEDY 6MM boot insoles, they’ll never have to worry about this issue again. Why? In short, each of the insoles feature a completely organic treatment, which will completely wick away moisture from your feet. As a result, your feet will remain dry at all times. 


According to Remind Insoles, they’re highly durable too, as they can be used for roughly 1 year, even if you’re regularly utilizing them. There are two factors that can negatively affect their durability though. First, if you don’t wear socks, they likely won’t maintain their usability for 12 months, as they’ll wear out much faster than they’re supposed to. And second, if they’re constantly enduring impacts, they may very well have shorter lifespans than the manufacturer originally intended. 

If you purchase insoles that don’t suit your needs for whatever reason, you must return them to Remind Insoles within 30 days of their purchase. Insoles can only be returned if they’re in their original condition (when you first purchased them) and package. In addition, they must be an item that you purchased on—no exceptions whatsoever. And, finally, if they were conveyed as “FINAL SALE” items, they can never be returned, regardless of the issues they may have. 

Foot Grip, Stability and Control 

Due to the insoles’ dryness, they will fully grip onto your feet continuously, leading to high stability, no matter how long you have to wear them. You’ll be able to rely on their gripping capabilities at all times, even as you work in weather conditions that may have otherwise negatively impacted other insoles’ gripping capacities, especially on a long-term basis. 

Furthermore, you’ll have complete control over when the insoles are removed from your feet. Unlike some other insoles that fall off of your feet before you’re ready to remove them, These insoles will only detach from your feet when you—and you alone—separate them from your feet. This full control enables you to maintain your foot health and posture throughout your shifts, regardless of their lengths.  


At the same time, the boot insoles are very lightweight as well, allowing you to have a full range of motion without even noticing you’re wearing them. On a personal note, I nearly forgot that I was wearing them after roughly 5 minutes. My feet never felt weighed down, and I never sensed too much bulkiness.  

Simply put, I was comfortable from the moment I placed them against my feet, to the moment I separated them from my feet. In the construction industry, comfort is the name of the game. The more comfortable you are, the more prone you are to achieve your full potential on the job. And I’ve never personally worn any other insoles that are as comfortable as these. 

Odor Elimination

Featuring anti-microbial and anti-friction fabric systems, the boot insoles will not only minimize your likelihood for foot fatigue and issues like blisters, bunions and calluses, but eliminate any odors, related to sweaty feet, too. Your feet will feel great. They’ll remain cool and dry. They’ll smell good for hours on end. And any hot spots, which often lead to sore feet, will decline. 

Shock Absorption 

Providing a four-layer construction that will absorb shocks as you walk on rough surfaces for long durations, thereby minimizing any injuries associated with such shocks, each of the REMEDY 6MM boot insoles has a shock absorbing foam as well, known as Blue Magic. Very soft, the foam can absorb considerable shocks, as it’s quite flexible, enabling you to reduce the impact of shocks, even if you work on extremely rough terrain. And, of equal importance, the foam is also highly durable—a contributing factor of the insoles’ longevity. 


When I reviewed the CUSH IMPACT 6MM boot insoles I discussed their variety, with regards to their colors, design and sizes. Unlike those insoles, The REMEDY 6MM boot insoles aren’t overly colorful. They don’t have various cartoon figures or anything that catches your attention, concerning their appearance, as their tops are simply red, while their bottoms are red and black. 

But they do offer customers variety in one similar manner. Like the Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Insoles, they’re offered in several sizes too (11 in all), ranging from 4-4.5 to 14-14.5. As a result, nearly everyone can wear them and discover their wide array of benefits for themselves. 

Should You Buy Remind Insoles REMEDY 6MM Custom Arch Heat Moldable Boot Insoles? 

Make no mistake about it. The REMEDY 6MM Custom Arch Heat Moldable Boot Insoles aren’t cheap, as they cost $20 more than the CUSH IMPACT 6MM boot insoles. However, I believe they’re worth every penny ($60), as evidenced by each of the benefits I’ve mentioned. 

In my personal opinion, the price difference between the two insoles shouldn’t lead you to overlook The REMEDY 6MM Custom Arch Heat Moldable Insoles, as they offer you a significant characteristic that the Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Insoles don’t: Heat Molding technology. Due to this innovation, they’ll be able to mold to your particular foot details, regardless of their shapes and sizes (for the most part). And, in turn, you’ll have the support and weight distribution you need, leading to correct alignment. 

Correct alignment, from your feet to your spine, will diminish injuries, minimize discomfort and decrease downtime. Your on-the-job productivity will likely increase, as you’ll be able to achieve your full potential whenever you complete your job tasks. 

Additionally, your feet will remain dry at all times, resulting in even further comfort, as the insoles’ 100% organic treatment will wick away all moisture. Gone are the days of sweat, wetness and overall discomfort.  

Of equal importance, odors, related to sweat, will be completely eliminated, enabling your feet to not only feel good, but smell good, too. As you know, the more confident you feel about yourself, the higher your productivity will be—yet another quality of the insoles that will positively impact your on-the-job results. 

Lightweight and durable, the insoles will also absorb shocks as you walk on rough terrain, as a result of their Blue Magic foam, which further enhances their durability, as well as your overall foot health

In reflection, now is the time for you to purchase these insoles and notice their benefits firsthand, practically immediately. You’ll be glad you did. 

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