Product Review: CAT Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe


As construction workers prepare to purchase their next pair of work boots, they tend to seek out options that provide each of these four qualities, among others. After all, breathability and, in turn, comfort are absolute necessities on jobsites, as they enable workers to remain on their feet for several hours at a time, regardless of humidity and indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Not to mention, durability is critical. Everyone in the construction industry wants to purchase workwear items that are longstanding and capable of withstanding virtually any weather condition or workplace hazard. And, as a result, they’ll have high returns on their investments, as they’ll be able to wear their items for months, if not years, to come. Finally, high traction is vital as well. More often than not, construction workers will have to conduct job tasks on slippery surfaces, whether due to Mother Nature or man-made hazards like chemicals and oils, leading to a high potential for falls.

To notice each of these four benefits firsthand, I recommend construction workers, like you, to purchase Cat Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoes. Created by one of the world’s most trusted work boot manufacturers, these boots had an immediate impact on my feet and productivity, as I completed various outdoor tasks while wearing them.

For instance, within a matter of minutes of trying them on—shortly after receiving a pair directly in the mail from Cat Footwear—I observed their breathability, as my feet remained dry, even as I worked for a few hours without taking a break. Throughout that entire time, my feet were comfortable too, as they were never wet, due to sweat.

In addition, I could immediately see that the boots were well built, as is the case with the other Cat Footwear boots I’ve worn in the past. And, of equal importance, their traction was undeniable, as I also worked in the rain, often on slippery surfaces, without any issues whatsoever. Therefore, I, along with my colleagues at IRONPROS, advise you to purchase a pair as well, allowing you to relish each of the following benefits yourself.

work shoes

CAT Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


As I mentioned earlier, these boots are highly breathable, enabling them to be worn in a wide array of temperatures, including 100-degree July and August days. The primary reason? They have nylon mesh linings, which are not only soft, but very breathable, resulting in high comfort, even as you work overtime hours.

The significance of the boots’ breathability can’t be stressed enough. While I wore them for nearly 8 hours, my feet didn’t sweat at all, leading to consistent comfort. As a result, I was able to focus on each of my job tasks at hand, rather than being distracted by wet, uncomfortable feet. Due to my personal experiences, I believe you’ll notice the same benefits, regarding comfort and breathability, too.


Aside from their nylon mesh linings, the boots also have foot beds that further enhance their comfortability, as they’re relatively soft. This is especially critical, as the softer your boots’ foot beds are, the more comfortable the bottoms of your feet will be, no matter how long you have to stand up, even if you have minimal breaks.

Furthermore, although they’re technically boots, Cat Footwear describes them as “work shoes”. And rightly so. Despite providing a variety of benefits that boots tend to offer—from their durability to their protection from hazards—they have the look and feel of a combination of boots and athletic shoes. Consequently, they’ll be comfortable day in and day out, practically from the moment you first wear them.

Durable Work Shoe

Created for longevity, the boots’ entire compositions are durable. First off, their outsoles are highly robust, as they’ve been designed for long-term usage. Therefore, they likely won’t wear out for a considerable amount of time, perhaps even years. Of course, this robustness is especially critical if you work on jobsites that have a significant amount of on-ground hazards, along with rough terrain, as your feet will be well protected long-term, while your likelihood of falls will decline, too.

For further longevity, the boots also have durable EVA midsoles, thereby ensuring they have other components that will enhance their protective capabilities. As a result, you’ll likely notice the same benefits that other Cat Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoes customers have, as they’ve described them as “tough” and “very durable”, as they have soles that are “sturdy” too, according to Cat Footwear’s website. Based on my experiences, I agree with them and believe you will as well.

To maintain their durability, you must do your part though. First, regularly clean them with a soft brush. Second, if they’ve been consistently worn for a few weeks in less than ideal conditions, ensure you wash them with mild soap and water, prior to rinsing all of the soap off. Upon washing them, always remove their insoles and laces and dry everything at room temperature, while avoiding high heat at all costs, in order to minimize any likelihood of damage.

Electrical Hazard-rated

More often than not, you’ll be assigned job tasks on construction sites that have electrical hazards, even if you’re not always personally aware of them. As the old saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” And, when it comes to protecting yourself against electrical hazards, even if you think the odds of them are quite low, you shouldn’t ever take a chance. Thankfully, these boots are ASTM F2413-18 certified and Electrical Hazard-rated, enabling them to protect you from open circuits—of up to 600 volts. It’s important to remember that they’ll only protect you in dry conditions though. Thus, if you think there is any likelihood of electrical hazards on your jobsite, always avoid working in rain and snow!

work shoe

CAT Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Lightweight Work Shoe

Before I discuss these boots’ lightness, it’s important to stress one important fact. In comparison to other types of footwear, work boots are generally among the most heavy, which is a necessity actually, in order to ensure they’re more durable than other shoes on the market. The heavier that boots are, the more durable they are too, after all. But aside from their lightweight EVA midsoles, these boots are (when compared to some other work boots) lightweight for another reason—they have strobel constructions. If you aren’t familiar with strobel constructions, boots like Cat Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoes are usually manufactured in a particular manner, as their upper materials are stitched directly to their insoles. Additionally, they generally feature high-quality materials, resulting in durability. Therefore, they’re robust, flexible and lightweight, leading to further comfort as they’re worn for hours at a time.

Odor Control Earlier, I described the ways in which these boots are highly breathable, thereby ensuring your feet won’t sweat nearly as much (if at all) if you had been wearing some other options instead. Alongside this significant characteristic, the boots also offer probiotic odor control, via their CLEANSPORT NXT layers, which are featured in their linings. Consequently, your feet will not only remain dry, but they’ll smell good too, no matter how long you have to work in high temperatures and high humidity.

PU-coated Leather Exteriors To ensure the boots remain as durable as possible, they also feature PU-coated leather exteriors. Due to their polyurethane exteriors, the boots will be water resistant on a long-term basis. In turn, you’ll be able to wear them in large puddles, as well as in the midst of torrential downpours and heavy snowfalls (as long as your jobsites don’t have electrical risks, that is). And you’ll never have to worry about wet feet while doing so, regardless of how much water you encounter during a long shift.

Moreover, your boots will be protected from abrasions, whether you accidentally step on a jobsite hazard or one happens to fall on them. Of course, the more your boots are protected from abrasions, the more your feet will be as well, enabling you to minimize your likelihood of foot injuries and downtime.

Slip Resistance For even more foot protection, the boots also have slip-resistant outsoles. As a result, you’ll be able to wear them on even extremely slippery surfaces. Perhaps you accidentally spill chemicals or oils on the ground or floor you’re working on. Or maybe you’re required to regularly walk on wet, uneven terrain. Regardless of the obstacles you encounter, your odds of falling will diminish considerably, as long as you’re wearing these boots.

Steel Toe Work Shoe

As if the boots’ electrical hazard protection, PU-coated leather exteriors and slip-resistant outsoles weren’t enough to secure your feet from any hazard on your jobsite, they also have robust steel toes. Consequently, the boots will protect your feet from any impacts associated with hazards too, along with other on-the-job dangers, further resulting in their ASTM F2413-18 certification.

Variety Finally, Cat Workwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoes provide considerable variety. First, they’re available in three colors—Black (the color I received in the mail), Black/Full Moon and Dark Brown. In addition, they’re offered in two widths (medium and wide) and 13 sizes, ranging from 7 to 14. Therefore, virtually anyone will be able to wear them, regardless of their foot width and length.

work shoe for construction

CAT Footwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Should You Purchase the Cat Workwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe?

If you’re interested in acquiring a pair of boots that will remain comfortable in all types of weather conditions, while also protecting you from hazards, then definitely!

First, their breathability and odor control must not be overlooked. The dryer your feet are in high temperatures and humidity, the better, as on-the-job comfort is necessary, from your feet to your head. Second, their lightness is important, too. More often than not, you’ll have to walk several miles every day. Thus, you need the lightest pair of work boots possible—without sacrificing durability or protection.

Thankfully, these boots were built to not only lighten your load as you walk, but also protect you from practically any jobsite hazard you could imagine, from electricity, to heavy rains, to impacts, to slippery terrain. Your feet and, consequently, entire body will remain safer on the job than they would have if you weren’t wearing them. Of course, each of these benefits typically lead to high prices. But, when it comes to Cat Workwear Invader Steel Toe Work Shoes, that’s actually not the case, as they’re quite affordable. Costing $114.95 on, the boots can also be purchased with a 20% discount, as Cat Workwear is currently offering a bonus sale. You must purchase the boots on the manufacturer’s website though, while using a code (BONUS20).

Free standard shipping is available for customers whose purchases total $99 or more, as long as they live in the 48 contiguous United States. If you need to return or exchange your boots, they must be unworn, and they can only be returned within 30 days of the date in which they were shipped. However, due to the holidays, if you purchase the boots within the next couple months,

the return period will be extended, as you’ll be able to return them between now and January 31, 2024. The bottom line? I highly recommend that you purchase these boots as soon as you can. Whether you’re seeking breathability, durability, lightness (when compared to many other work boots on the market) or foot protection, they truly provide something for everyone!

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