Top 5 Wolverine Boots for Long-term Durability


One hundred and forty years have passed since G.A. Krause created a small leather tannery that steadily became renowned for comfortable and durable work boots and gloves.

Although his company was successful during its early years, largely due to its products’ high quality, Krause couldn’t have possibly imagined what his leather tannery would eventually become: one of the world’s most famous boots manufacturers.

A developer of millions of boots for trades professionals—including construction workers like you—since then, Krause’s business has since evolved into Wolverine, which is not only known for its dozens of boots offerings, but its gloves, hats, hoodies, pants, shirts and shorts, too.

Regardless of its extensive focus on other types of workwear, Wolverine is (and likely always will be) especially known for its boots, as it currently manufactures hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from, each of which offer a variety of benefits for hardworking people like yourself.

Why Buy Wolverine Boots?

Aside from the manufacturer’s decades-long commitment to boots of all shapes, sizes and purposes, why else should you purchase its various boot options? First off, they tend to be very comfortable, as they’re typically well padded. As a result, your odds of blisters and bunions, along with other types of sores, will diminish.

Not to mention, any space-related discomfort will also decline, as Wolverine’s boots usually provide quite a bit of room, ensuring your feet will never feel cramped. Therefore, your likelihood of foot fatigue, often associated with injuries or space restrictions, will decline. And, at the same time, another common issue, which is overlooked by some construction managers, will drop as well: downtime, due to foot injuries and fatigue.

Of equal importance, Wolverine’s boots’ outsoles’ generally offer high traction, allowing you to walk on virtually any type of surface without having to worry about falls or slips. In fact, you’ll be able to work in heavy snowfall or steady rain and walk on rough terrain or slick surfaces (caused by issues like chemical and oil leaks) while wearing them.

Furthermore, at times, their midsoles will absorb any shocks that might occur whenever you walk on hard surfaces like concrete or rough terrain like sharp rocks and boulders. In turn, your feet will be further protected from injuries that may have otherwise occurred on your jobsites, enabling you to focus more on whichever task you need to conduct, rather than having to worry about blisters, bunions, sprained ankles or foot fatigue.

In addition to protecting your feet, Wolverine’s boots will offer you durability, as they’re comprised of high-quality components that ensure they’ll remain in great condition after regular—even daily—usage for months, if not years, at a time. As is the case with any boots, you must do your part to extend their lifespans by following Wolverine’s instructions, with regards to cleaning and conditioning, on a consistent basis.

Finally, more than likely, you’ll be able to purchase a pair of boots that will fit you exactly how you expect them to. For instance, if your boot and shoe sizes are normally 9, you should be able to purchase a pair of Wolverine boots that are size 9 as well. To ensure you have the particular size you need, the manufacturer has a sizing chart on its website, which features a wide array of sizes. Consequently, nearly everyone will be able to find a pair of boots that’s perfect for them, their specific sizes and their particular needs.

To witness each of these benefits yourself, IRONPROS has comprised a list of several Wolverine boots you can purchase, each of which will provide you an array of benefits.

Floorhand Insulated 6-in. Soft Toe Work Boots

Wolverine boots

Floorhand Insulated 6-in. Soft Toe Work Boots.

Featuring Expedition Insulation, these boots are, in turn, waterproof, enabling you to wear them in heavy rain and snowfall without ever having to be concerned about wet feet. For further dryness, the boots also have moisture-wicking mesh linings, which aren’t only waterproof, but breathable, too. Therefore, you’ll be able to wear the boots in hot, humid weather for hours at a time, if necessary. Relatively lightweight, as each boot weighs approximately 1.5 pounds, the soft toe boots are highly durable, as they feature full-grain, waterproof leather uppers. Additionally, they have cushioned, removable footbeds that actually mold to your feet, along with outsoles that minimize the likelihood of falls.

Best Features: Expedition Insulation; moisture-wicking mesh linings

Price: $56.99 - $124.47 – Buy Wolverine Boots on

I-90 DuraShocks Waterproof Insulated 8-in. Work Boots

Wolverine boots

I-90 DuraShocks Waterproof Insulated 8-in. Work Boots.

Available in 13 sizes, ranging from 7 to 14, these boots can absorb practically any type of shock as you walk on rough terrain, as they feature DuraShocks. Due to the technology, provided exclusively by the manufacturer, the boots have lightweight insoles, which can absorb a considerable amount of force, when compared to many other boots. Moreover, their heels have compression pads that will further absorb the shocks your feet may encounter as you steadily walk on hard surfaces like concrete. Aside from DuraShocks, the boots offer 3M Thinsulate insulation and Dri-lex, sweat-wicking linings too, enabling them to be worn on very cold and very hot days.

Best Features: 3M Thinsulate insulation; DuraShocks technology

Price: $194.95 – Buy Wolverine Boots on

Loader 6-in. Wedge Boots

Wolverine boots

Loader 6-in. Wedge Boots.

Due to their Goodyear Welt construction, these boots can be re-soled whenever necessary, resulting in long lifespans. For further durability, they feature leather uppers as well, which enhance their robustness, along with their overall look and feel. Renowned for their comfort just as much as they’re known for their longevity, the boots have padded collars and highly cushioned, removeable footbeds, too. Aside from their durability and comfort, the boots will also reduce your likelihood of falls and slips, as they feature slip-resistant, polyurethane wedge outsoles, which will fully grip to any terrain you’re walking on. Finally, they’re available in numerous sizes, ranging from 7 to 14.

Best Features: Goodyear Welt construction; slip-resistant, polyurethane wedge outsoles

Price: $89.30 - $103.96 – Buy Wolverine Boots on

Raider DuraShocks 6-in. Boots

Wolverine boots

Raider DuraShocks 6-in. Boots.

Just like the I-90s, these boots also feature DuraShocks technology. Aside from this shock-absorbing technology that decreases foot injuries, the boots have a variety of other offerings that will minimize your risk of foot fatigue and soreness, too. For instance, they provide optional CarbonMax safety toes, which will protect you in the same manner as typical steel caps, yet they’re lighter and thinner, leading to higher comfort. Additionally, they have cushioned, removable footbeds that will further support your feet as you consistently walk on rough terrain. Not to mention, they have two other components that will boost your foot protection even more: polyurethane midsoles and moisture-wicking mesh linings.

Best Features: DuraShocks technology; moisture-wicking mesh linings

Price: $104.99 - $131.96 – Buy Wolverine Boots on

Wilderness Tactical Waterproof 6-in. Boots

Wolverine boots

Wilderness Tactical Waterproof 6-in. Boots.

As a result of their side zippers, you can easily put these boots on your feet or remove them, saving you time in the long run. In addition to their time-saving capabilities, the boots are highly comfortable—for a variety of reasons. First, they have moisture-wicking membranes that are very breathable, enabling you to wear them on hot, humid days. Second, they have cushioned, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) footbeds that will mold to your feet, leading to further comfort. And, finally, the relatively lightweight boots (when compared to other boots of similar sizes) have EVA midsoles, resulting in more cushioning and, in turn, long-term comfort.

Best Features: Moisture-wicking membranes; side zippers

Price: $114.99 – Buy Wolverine Boots on

Other Wolverine Boots to Consider:

Things to Know about Wolverine Boots

Should I condition my Wolverine boots? If so, how?

It really depends on your boot’s particular components. Some boots’ components can withstand conditioning more than others. Conduct your own research online to determine whether or not your boots should be conditioned. You may also call Wolverine’s Customer Service for personal verification. If you do condition your boots, please keep in mind that the conditioner may alter their colors and appearances, at least to a degree.

How can I clean my Wolverine boots?

You should brush dirt off of them with a soft brush as often as possible. In addition, wash them with a mild soap, along with warm water, especially after you’ve worn them for a lengthy period of time. While doing so, always rinse all of the soap off of them!

Finally, how should I dry them?

After washing them or wearing them in steady rain or snowfall, open your boots and remove their insoles and laces, prior to drying them—at room temperature only. You must avoid high heat exposure at all times too, as heat may damage them long term.

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