Product Review: STUDSON SHK-1 Non-vented Full Brim Hard Hat

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Upon its invention in 1919, the traditional hard hat remained virtually unchanged for several decades. However, thanks to a full brim hard hat manufacturer known as STUDSON, that has begun to change, especially in recent years. 

Offering four helmets to choose from—the SHK-1 Vented, the SHK-1 Non-vented, the SHK-1 Full Brim Vented and the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented—STUDSON has truly reinvented hard hats, as they feature a variety of technologies that others simply never did before. 

To fully understand these technologies and the impact they have on construction workers like you, STUDSON recently mailed one of its innovative helmets to me: the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet.

Upon wearing this helmet on a jobsite for a few hours at a time, I noticed the following benefits, each of which will likely lead you to transition from wearing a Type I safety helmet to a Type II safety helmet. In fact, I believe you’ll immediately notice (and appreciate) this helmet’s benefits so much that you’ll likely want to wear a Type II safety helmet well into the future. 

As a result of these benefits, I, along with my fellow colleagues at IRONPROS, recommend the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet to you. In fact, we advise you to purchase one as soon as you possibly can. 

Adjustable Full Brim Hard Hat

Able to fit a high majority of head sizes, the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet features an adjustable fit system in both its front and rear, enabling it to perfectly fit on nearly everyone’s heads. Available in two sizes—medium/large (20.9 inches to 23.2 inches) and large/extra-large (22.8 inches to 24.8 inches)—the Class E hard hat is, consequently, considered a “one size fits most” offering. 

This “one size fits most” approach showcases the ways in which the manufacturer is dedicated to meeting the needs of nearly every potential customer, leading to complete comfort for practically any construction worker that chooses to purchase it. And, as a result, workers like you will never again have to worry about wearing an uncomfortable, improperly fitting helmet just for the sake of safety. Now they’ll not only have head protection, but so much more too, beginning with utter comfort. 

full brim hard hat

STUDSON SHK-1 Non-vented Full Brim Hard Hat. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type II Compliant 

Due to its full brim, the helmet will provide you 360 degrees of protection. Thus, you’ll be safe from any fallen object that may strike your head while you’re working on your jobsites. Not to mention, you’ll also be safe if you happen to fall on your head as you work, regardless of the angle in which you fall. 

Consequently, the full brim hard hat is compliant to American National Standards Institute’s and International Safety Equipment Association’s Z89.1 – 2014 (R-2019) Type I and Type II standard. Therefore, your head will be fully protected from nearly every circumstance you can think of, including natural or man-made hazards that may appear from nowhere, along with falls and slips that you simply didn’t anticipate. In turn, you’ll minimize your likelihood for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) considerably, which is one of the primary causes of severe injuries or death on construction sites. 

Breathable and Comfortable

As a result of the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet’s design, it’s highly breathable and, subsequently, comfortable, even if you need to wear it on a hot, humid summer day. Regardless of how high temperatures climb or how high the humidity becomes, you won’t ever have to be concerned about wearing this helmet, as you’ll be able to keep it on your head no matter what.  

Simply put, your head won’t sweat nearly as much as it otherwise would have, especially if you had worn a more traditional hard hat instead. By reducing your head’s sweat and temperature noticeably, you’ll also be able to wear the helmet longer than you may have in the past. In fact, I believe you’ll actually want to wear it, day after day, even if you have to work long shifts—including overtime hours—on a steady basis. 

Class E Hard Hat 

Alongside its ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 – 2014 (R-2019) Type II compliance, due to its full brim, the Class E hard hat is also renowned for its Class E classification, as it will protect your head from electrical circuits. The SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet may not protect you from every type of electrical voltage, so you definitely shouldn’t let your guard down just because you’re wearing it. However, at the same time, it should provide you confidence too, knowing your head will be further protected from the elements, especially if you work on jobsites that are known for their electrical components. 

full brim hard hat

STUDSON SHK-1 Non-vented Full Brim Hard Hat. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Flexible, via Fidlock 

As mentioned, the full brim hard hat can fit practically any head size, due to its adjustable fit system. Aside from this system, the helmet offers another key feature that ensures it’s highly adjustable long term: Fidlock. A four-point chin strap system, Fidlock has a magnetic buckle enclosure as well, which separates the helmet from others on the market.  

Due to its chin strap, four points and magnetic buckle enclosure, the helmet’s size can be effortlessly adjusted whenever you need to alter it. The helmet’s adjustability is so effortless, in fact, that you can utilize its chin strap and alter its size with only one hand, even if you’re wearing a glove on that particular hand. 

Further Protection, via twICEme 

Based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet’s twICEme integrated chip may not only save your life, but also ensure your loved ones are notified if you’re ever involved in an emergency on your jobsites. First, the chip can store your emergency contacts. Second, it can save vital medical information, which first respondents may need—in a matter of seconds—if a potentially life-threatening incident ever occurs on your jobsites. 

Utilizing no battery whatsoever (thereby eliminating any necessity for charging), twICEme can be downloaded for free, via an app in the App Store or on Google Play, on your cell phone. In doing so, first responders may acquire any important medical information they might need, regardless of where you’re working. After all, it doesn’t require a network to access information, as long as its app has been downloaded on your phone. 

Impact Absorbable, via Koroyd 

As a result of the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet’s Koroyd technology, it can crumple immediately after a hazard has struck it or right after you’ve fallen on your head. To do so, the technology utilizes small plastic, welded tubes that will collapse whenever an impact has occurred, thus absorbing force—roughly 50% more effectively than Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) can—and protecting your brain and skull from serious injuries.  

In addition to absorbing impacts substantially, the technology will offer you high heat dissipation and venting too, due to its tubes, which are very thin as well, leading to a cellular structure that’s comprised of 95% air. Consequently, it provides ventilation and further breathability, as air will circulate around your head, resulting in sweat evaporation and even more comfort while working for long durations.  

As an example of the technology’s influence, concerning heat dissipation, Koroyd technology has been proven to minimize helmets’ heat indexes by up to 8℉. Hence, anyone who wears the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet will notice a significant decline in their heat stress. And, in turn, they’ll be able to efficiently work long shifts. 

Of note, no other manufacturer currently offers a helmet that features twICEme and Koroyd technology, thereby separating STUDSON’s helmets from the competition. 

full brim hard hat

STUDSON SHK-1 Non-vented Full Brim Hard Hat. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


Much like nearly any type of workwear, the vitality of lightness must not be overlooked, with regards to head protection. The lighter your full brim hard hat, the more comfortable it likely is, after all, as less weight and minimal “bulkiness” are always appreciated on jobsites, especially when it comes to head gear. Lightness leads to higher, more effortless maneuverability too, as you won’t be “weighed down” at all. 

By utilizing the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet you’ll acquire the lightness you’ve been seeking, but likely unable to have ever found in the past, as it only weighs 1.16 pounds. Not only will you appreciate this lightness whenever you wear it on your head, but you’ll also value it whenever you need to carry and transport it from one jobsite to the next. 

Variable, Concerning Colors 

I personally received STUDSON’s yellow SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet in the mail, which I think is particularly helpful for construction workers that need to work in low light conditions, as its color is very noticeable. But perhaps you might prefer an entirely different color, considering your specific preferences, work hours, work conditions and jobsite locations. No matter what you’re searching for, you should be able to find it, as the helmet is available in five other colors: carbon, green, grey, pink and white. 

Should You Purchase the STUDSON SHK-1 Full Brim Hard Hat? 

Given my hours of personal usage, I confidently say “yes”! In addition to each of the benefits listed above, the Class E hard hat offers various others, including its Ionic+ pad set, which you can easily wash and, whenever necessary, replace. As a result, the helmet is not only more comfortable long term, but more hygienic as well. 

Furthermore, its full brim style stands out, when compared to the “climbing” styles that some other helmets on the market offer, as it ensures you’re fully protected at all times. This full protection, concerning its top and sides, will likely lead you to transition from a Type 1 helmet to a Type 2 helmet in fact—possibly forever. First off, Type 2 helmets (like the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet) are more comfortable than Type 1 helmets. And second, they’ll simultaneously protect you in variety of ways. 

As I discussed, the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet’s protective capabilities are practically endless. From its Z89.1 – 2014 (R-2019) Type I and Type II standard compliance, to its Class E classification, to its Koroyd technology, you can rest assured that your head will be well guarded from nearly anything you may encounter on your jobsites, over and over again. 

full brim hard hat

STUDSON SHK-1 Non-vented Full Brim Hard Hat. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

In addition to this full head protection, the helmet is highly adaptable, concerning its size. Therefore, nearly anyone will be able to wear it. Upon purchasing it, they can effortlessly adjust its size too, via the Fidlock four-point chin strap system.  

Very breathable and lightweight, the helmet will also maintain its overall high comfortability for hours on end, even as you wear it in high heat and humidity. You’ll have no reason to remove it, as your sweat will evaporate and your head will remain cool during the peak of summer. 

For even further safety, the Class E hard hat features a safety offering—the twICEme integrated chip—that will assist you in the midst of an on-the-job medical emergency, which may not even be related to a head injury. Due to the chip’s NFC technology, first respondents will have critical information about you, which may very well save your life. 

So, the SHK-1 Full Brim Non-vented Helmet is not only desirable for its comfort and fit (among many other benefits), but it may also have a positive influence on your overall well-being. With all of these characteristics in mind, IRONPROS believes you shouldn’t only consider purchasing the helmet. Instead, one could argue it’s an absolute necessity. 

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