Miron Construction Adopts STUDSON SHK-1 Safety Helmets for Employees

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Miron Construction has adopted Type II safety helmets from STUDSON, an above-the-neck safety brand, for all employees, subcontractors and partners, commencing a multi-week rollout to replace all of Miron’s traditional hard hats.

The general contractor continues to push the envelope on what can be accomplished through its Safety, Quality, Production (SQP) philosophy.

Miron conducted a helmet pilot program in 2023 to evaluate different models of Type II safety helmets. After extensive employee testing, Miron selected the STUDSON SHK-1 vented varieties due to their protection, comfort and existing face shields and welding hoods compatibilities.

The safety helmets feature several advancements aimed at promoting the protection of workers. Within, the helmets incorporate Koroyd welded polymer tubes, which absorbs shock upon impact.

This material also enhances heat dissipation compared to traditional EPS foam and improves ventilation due to its cellular open structure design. On the shell, the helmets feature embedded Twiceme technology, offering individual workers the optional capability to upload their critical health data for ease of access for first responders.

“We must take measures into our own hands to protect the lives of every member of Team Miron and anyone who crosses paths with us,” said David G. Voss, Jr., president and CEO of Miron Construction.

“In the spirit of advancement and elevating everyone’s safety, starting on July 1, 2024, all Miron team members, subcontractors, and partners will be required to replace their Type I hard hat with a Type II safety helmet before entering a Miron project site.”

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“Every day, we see more and more general contractors pivoting to Type II safety helmets, even though OSHA has not mandated them to do so, thanks to the significant improvement in head safety these new style helmets provide,” said Ryan Barnes, founder and CEO, STUDSON.

“STUDSON is proud to work with Miron Construction as it elevates its employee safety and invests in new technology to make sure team members can show up as their best selves, and ultimately, make it home safely at the end of the day. It’s fantastic to work with a general contractor like Miron that makes safety a core tenant of its culture.”

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