Top 5 Work Pants for Women in Construction

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When doing manual labor, the pants you wear can either aid or hinder your ability to move and do your job properly. Women in the construction industry need good work pants to be able to move around in.

Construction sites can be harsh environments for the body and clothes - with lots of carrying, lots of debris and lots of moving around. Working in this kind of space makes having reliable and durable work pants even more important.

Women in trades need quality pants to keep up with their busy jobs. A movement-friendly pair of pants is essential in construction and other trade industries.

AKARMY’s Outdoor Cargo Pants for Women

These work pants are available in 14 different colors and range from size two to 18. The pants have a total of nine pockets and most can be buttoned closed. Along with this, one of the nine pockets has a zipper and can be securely closed that way. This helps keep your belongings secure and on your body as you work. There is a drawstring tie at the bottom of each pant leg which allows for size and fit customization. This option also makes wearing these pants with boots more manageable.

The pants are lightweight and water-resistant. This helps prevent movement issues and spill issues. If these pants get spilled on, they are less likely to cling to you and cause discomfort. These pants are comfortable and due to their lightweight and breathable qualities, they can be used for many different things like hiking, working and walking.

Best Feature: Drawstring ties

Price: $42.99 — Buy Work Pants for Women

Wrangler Riggs’ Advanced Comfort Workwear

These pants come in three color options and are made with bootcut legs to make wearing boots easier. The pants are made with Wrangler Riggs’ 4-way flex technology. This feature helps keep you comfortable no matter how much you move on the job site. There are a few deep pockets and a few other pockets that can be used for things like phones, watches, or little tools you may need on the construction site.

These are some durable work pants that are ready to take on the tough workdays with you. The contoured waistband is designed to prevent your pants from gapping even if you have to squat, sit, or bend over. In addition to work wear, these pants can be worn gardening or on a day out and about which makes these pants easily multifunctional.

Best Feature: Contoured waistband

Price: $48.00 — Buy Work Pants for Women

Dickies’ Double Front Carpenter Pants for Women

These carpenter pants come in three different colors - all neutral colors which might help keep things professional on site. These pants have multiple deep, quality pockets and a loop that can be used to carry a hammer or something similar. The utility pockets make life onsite much more convenient. Dickies’ carpenter pants are tough and feature heavy-duty rivets to help hold pockets together well.

The contoured waistband aids in preventing back gapping even when leaning, squatting, or doing one of the other common movements done in manual labor. With kneepad openings found on the front of the pants, it is easy to keep safe on the job site and use proper protection. In addition, the knee pad pockets help hide the clunky kneepads. These pants are comfortable, sturdy and ready for most job sites.

Best Feature: Kneepad openings

Price: $49.99 — Buy Work Pants for Women

Carhartt’s Rugged Flex Work Pants for Women

These work pants come in eight different colors which provides some good customization opportunities. The main seams are triple stitched which makes for a more secure hold and fit when wearing and moving about. There is built-in stretchiness that makes moving around all the time an easier process. The waistband also stretches for added movement and comfort. The canvas material is midweight - ensuring durability and better protection.

These pants have a loop to make carrying things like hammers around the job site much more convenient. There are also plenty of utility pockets to aid in on-site carrying. There are also plenty of belt loops to make wearing a belt more sturdy and secure. This feature helps with preventing gapping. These pants seem to be made with quality materials and are equipped to withstand the stresses of manual labor.

Best Feature: Belt loop

Price: $59.99 — Buy Work Pants for Women

5.11’s Tactical Cargo Pants for Women

These cargo pants come in eight colors. With 12 pockets total, these pants are designed for carrying a variety of things. These pockets provide plentiful space for you to carry around whatever gear is necessary. One kind of pocket that these pants have is the kneepad pocket. Kneepad pockets allow for pads to be slid in under the pants fabric and held there safely. 5.11 uses bar tacking on the major seams and stress points to keep things secure and more durable.

These pants have a Teflon finish. This makes the plants soil- and stain-resistant - making working around dirt and possible spills of things like paint or oil much less hassle and more worry-free. The tactical cargo pants use 5.11’s Flex-Tac fabric to offer more stretch and better durability and flexibility.

Best Feature: 12 tactical pockets

Price: $82.00 — Buy Work Pants for Women

Why Buy Work Pants for Women?

Working in any kind of manual labor can take its toll on your clothing. Pants especially get a lot of wear and tear due to the constant bending, brushing and pressing that the article of clothing has to endure. There have been many solutions made for men in construction but because women tend to have different body types and needs compared to their male counterparts, it is important that women have options tailored to them.

These work pants options are all built to take on the harsh task of manual labor movement. IRONPROS advises that you do your own research and pick out the product that is best suited for you. There are varying prices when it comes to work pants and we encourage you to take your personal needs and budget into consideration. Whichever product you choose, you are sure to find comfortable and durable pants.

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