Product Review: Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Rechargeable Flashlight

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Specializing in flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and work lights, Infinity X1 is steadily gaining a reputation as one of the world’s foremost experts in lighting, especially for construction workers like you. Recently, the company launched the latest version of its 5,000-lumen flashlight: the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Rechargeable Flashlight. To witness the product’s various benefits firsthand, I received one in the mail.

Upon using the product personally, I noticed the following key benefits, leading me—as well as my IRONPROS colleagues—to recommend it to you. 

Durable High Lumen Flashlight

As is the case with any product you purchase for your jobsites, the significance of durability can’t be stressed enough. And, when it comes to longevity, few flashlights can compare to the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight. After all, as proven by its variety of features, it was clearly built to last.

rechargeable flashlight

Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Rechargeable Flashlight. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

First, it can withstand a wide array of temperatures, as it may be utilized in very cold (down to -4℉) and very hot (up to 129.2℉) weather. To ensure long-term usage, the flashlight also provides a feature known as the Heat Safety Lock. Due to this feature, the flashlight will automatically shut down whenever its lens is covered, thereby ensuring it’s never accidentally on when you’re not using it. In turn, its rechargeable, lithium-ion battery or alkaline batteries will not only potentially last much longer, but the flashlight itself won’t overheat either.

For further durability purposes, the flashlight has a Power Lock mode, too. As a result of this mode, the flashlight won’t accidentally turn on when you place it with other gear, especially as you move from one jobsite to the next. Consequently, you’ll eliminate another situation that may have otherwise led to overheating and battery life depletion.

Rechargeable Flashlight Features

Alongside its durability—despite its lightness (2.2 pounds), which will allow you to easily transport it from one jobsite to another—the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight offers flexibility as well. For instance, it has three beam modes, regarding its lighting capabilities: low, medium and high. Each of these modes can be easily adjusted by simply pressing a button.

Furthermore, the flashlight will enable you to adjust its focus by easily twisting it, whether you prefer narrower beams for longer distances or wider beams (that resemble floodlights) for short distances. Not to mention, the flashlight will also provide you two power modes—a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery or a dry cell battery pack, which requires nine AA batteries (you’ll actually receive nine AA Duracell batteries when you first purchase the flashlight).

Finally, it can be used as a power source for several electronic devices, as it has two USB-C ports. One port (the USB-C IN) can be utilized to recharge its battery, while the other port (the USB-C OUT) can be used to charge your electronic devices, including cell phones. Both ports are located near the bottom of the flashlight and can be quickly accessed by twisting its tail cap. Once you’ve finished charging your battery or electronic devices, you can then twist the tail cap to close it.

rechargeable flashlight

Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Rechargeable Flashlight. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Should You Purchase the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing High Lumen Flashlight?

In short, yes! If you’re seeking a flashlight that’s durable, yet light too, look no further than the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight!

From its various features that help ensure its longevity—along with its dry cell battery pack’s or rechargeable battery’s lifespan—to its three beam modes, numerous beam widths, power modes and USB-C ports, this product offers practically everything you’ve been searching for, when it comes to on-the-job flashlights.

Available in Costco stores and on Costco’s website for online purchases, the flashlight currently costs $39.99, which I believe is a great deal, especially considering each of its unique features.

To ensure you have the visibility you need on a potentially long-term basis, among many other benefits, you may want to purchase the flashlight as soon as possible. In my opinion, you’ll certainly be glad you did! 

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