Top 5 Class E Hard Hat Gear for Construction Work


Safety on the construction site is always a top priority and is often enforced by well-known governing bodies like OSHA. On the jobsite, it is always important to protect your head. This has led to various classes of hard hats being created and enforced for different types of sites.

Used for protection and reduced exposure to high-voltage conductors, the Class E hard hat is essential for workers who work near up to 20,000 volts of electricity.

Whether you are looking for higher-end or more affordable Class E hard hat, you will find what you are looking for in these items below.

Pacific PPE Full Brim Class E Hard Hat

class e hard hat

Pacific PPE Full Brim Class E Hard Hat.

Coming in either black or white, this Class E hard hat -while simple looking- is lightweight, comfortable, and durable. The full brim feature allows wearers to get better protection from the sun and gives added protection from falling debris.

This hard hat is not only Class E qualified, but it is also Class G and Class C. The hat is prepared to protect and capable of suiting most people thanks to its adjustable ratchet set at the base of the head. This hard hat is also adjustable around the chin, making the height of where the hat sits on your forehead easily changeable.

With a pad for the top of the head and one for the forehead, this hard head is sure to stay comfortable and keep you cushioned from impact. The chin strap also ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Best Feature: 4-point Rachet suspension

Price: $25.99 — Buy Class E Hard Hat on

UNINOVA Class E Hard Hat Full Brim Safety Helmet

class e hard hat

UNINOVA Class E Hard Hat Full Brim Safety Helmet.

With a variety of color options to choose from, this Class E safety helmet is made with an HDPE shell which helps ensure the helmet is strong as well as lightweight. The assortment of colors allows you to pick out the best safety color —like green and orange— for your jobsite if necessary. This hard hat also features reflective decals to provide additional protection to the wearer in low-light situations.

This hat is made more comfortable by the adjustable tightness ratchet and the forehead pad. The padding on the brow/forehead area is moisture-wicking which makes sweat far less uncomfortable. Brow padding also helps keep the hat comfortably secure on the wearer’s head. Similarly, with a chin strap, the protective hat can stay on better and reduce the risk of it falling off or being lost on site, keeping the wearer safe.

Best Feature: Reflective stripes

Price: $28.99 — Buy Class E Hard Hat on

Ergodyne Skullerz Cap Style Class E Hard Hat

class e hard hat

Ergodyne Skullerz Cap Style Class E Hard Hat.

This hard hat only has a front brim but this feature provides some versatility since the hat can be worn backwards. Reverse donning can be beneficial if you need to have better upward visibility.

This hat comes in white or orange which allows you to make the best decision for you, depending on your jobsite. It also has added padding to help keep the wearer comfortable all day long. These pads are removable and washable so that even if you work up a sweat, your hard hat can stay hygienic and last longer.

The hard hat has an adjustable 4-point suspension that helps better airflow and improves the hat’s balance on your head. The ratchet used for size adjustment can also be moved up and down to avoid things like ponytails.

Best Feature: Removable sweat-wicking pads

Price: $45.45 — Buy Class E Hard Hat on

Klein Tools Type 2 Class E Hard Hat

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Klein Tools Type 2 Class E Hard Hat.

This safety helmet comes in white and has additional safety features for those looking for a Type 2 hard hat. There is a headlamp mount on both the front and back of the helmet to add some versatility. The chin strap is not only detachable but it is also a 4-point strap — this provides security and stability for the wearer.

This hard hat has a 6-point suspension system for improved comfort and dependability. The helmet has an EPS foam inner shell which makes the protection that much more robust while still being lightweight.

Either side of the helmet features a universal accessory slot. These slots are perfect for fitting hearing protection, eye protection visors, etc. Inside the hat, some pads add comfort to the top of the head and the forehead. These pads can be removed and washed.

Best Feature: 6-point suspension system

Price: $79.99 — Buy Class E Hard Hat on

Klein Tools Non-Vented Full Brim Class E Hard Hat

class e hard hat

Klein Tools Non-Vented Full Brim Class E Hard Hat.

This black Klein hard hat can be bought with or without a headlamp or with ear muffs. Whether you choose to purchase the hat with the headlamp or not, the hat is equipped with a mount to make sure you always have the option.

Its interior suspension system allows for better air circulation and a more comfortable fit. The hard hat has a ratchet on the back to allow for fit adjustments to be made. The adjustable knob can also be pivoted up and down depending on what you may need.

There is padding inside the hat for the forehead and top of the head. These pads have a unique feature that makes working in a hot or sunny environment more bearable. The pads can evaporate moisture quicker and if you wet the pads, shake them, and put them back in, they can provide cooling for hours on the jobsite.

Best Feature: Cooling head pads

Price: $116.88 — Buy Class E Hard Hat on

Why Buy a Class E Hard Hat?

A Class E hard hat is essential for those working in specific construction environments. If you are working with or around electricity, you need to have at least a Class E safety helmet. Safety on the job site is so important and needs to be taken seriously. To keep yourself safe, choosing and buying a good quality Class E hard hat is a must.

When choosing the right hard hat for you, IRONPROS recommends taking the safety features needed for your line of work into consideration first and then consider your comfort preferences and accessories you may want. Make sure to do your own research and check in with officials to make sure you get the correct style for your protection. Once you make the right decision for you, any one of these options will be sure to satisfy.

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