NEWS: STUDSON Offers Workwear Cooling Accessories for Hot Weather Protection

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STUDSON has showcased new accessories for construction workers to help combat the effects of hot weather and sun.

For protection against heat stress, STUDSON’s Cooling Helmet Liner with Nape and Cooling Towel will help keep workers cool on the jobsite and the new SHK-1 Neck Shade, SHK-1 Sun Brim and Sentinel Safety Glasses will mitigate sun and UV exposure.

For physical outdoor workers within the construction, arborist, energy and utility industries, dealing with excessive heat within their respective bodies and heads is mission critical for maintaining safety and productivity, especially during the warmer months of the year.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 285 construction workers alone died from heat-related causes between 1992 and 2016, making up more than a third of all U.S. occupational deaths from heat exposure on the job.

Sun and UV-Shielding Accessories

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  • SHK-1 Neck Shade: The purpose-built, lightweight neck shade easily attaches to a SHK-1 helmet, protecting the neck from harmful UV rays (50+), dust and debris. 
  • SHK-1 Sun Brim: The Sun Brim is designed to slide on and off the helmet shell to provide instant sun protection, featuring protection from UV rays (50+), dust and debris.
  • Sentinel Safety Glasses: These Safety Glasses provide 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. They feature polycarbonate lenses for impact protection, durability and visual clarity, while the hydrophobic coating repels water, sweat and debris. 

Cooling Accessories

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  • Cooling Helmet Liner with Nape: The STUDSON Cooling Helmet Liner with Nape serves as sun and heat protection. It features long-lasting, chemical-free cooling technology and UPF-50 sun protection to keep workers comfortable, cool and protected on the job.
  • Cooling Towel: The STUDSON Cooling Towel features chemical-free cooling technology that cools when covered in water, lasting for up to two hours. The towel also features UPF-50 sun protection to shield the wearer from harmful rays.

“For the construction industry and related industrial trades, outdoor work often does not stop when conditions are hot. In fact, in some trades work activity increases during the warmer months on account of lost time due to poor winter conditions like snow and ice,” said Ryan Barnes, founder and CEO, STUDSON.

“As temperatures rise, the impacts of heat stress become more acute. That is why STUDSON is introducing more types of cooling accessories to help reduce the physical impacts heat can cause the body while improving comfort on the job. That includes more sun-shielding products, such as safety glasses, sun brims, and neck shades to protect workers from the impacts of direct sunlight and corresponding UV damage.”

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