InSite Simplifies 3D Earthwork Takeoff, Extends to Grade Control Data Files


Earthwork takeoffs, a necessary step in estimating cut and fill projects, are difficult because these processes drive project cost both in terms of fill that must be purchased, work on site to cut and fill and the cost of disposal of material. Here, IRONPROS Senior Technology Editor Charles Rathmann brain dumps Insite Software CEO Steve Warfle on InSite Elevation Pro, which automates earthworks takeoff from PDF or CAD files, drone data or other sources. InSite Elevation Pro extends value into the work-in-progress phase by creating outputs to support staking or modeling files required by GPS machine control solutions from Trimble, Topcon, CAT, Accugrade, Leica, Komatsu and others. Final outputs can also include grading surfaces for BIM modeling.

STEVE WARFLE: We bring in the existing topo, proposed topo, boring, stripping, subgrade and generate all the quantities in a really fast way because time is money. A lot of times, at least on the takeoff side of things, this is straight overhead. You haven't been awarded the job yet. The other business we are in is validation. A lot of times an engineering firm will design a job they say is totally balanced--with no import or export on the job site, and people watching this in our business are chuckling right now.

GPS machine control has actually revolutionized this industry, but an important component of it is making the data. The data is a stumbling block for a lot of contractors. So the whole function of our company is that we have made these processes really easy because the most productive software is easiest to use.

IRONPROS: So would you characterize this as more of a kiosk-based or walk-up-and use system, or do you have people who can do some handholding and get people live quick?

STEVE WARFLE: The first step in our process is a demonstration so they can see what the product will do, and then if they become a customer, we have a training class that runs about an hour that gives you enough to do most basic takeoffs. If you are doing a Dollar General or a Tractor Supply ..."

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