Sage Estimating--The IRONPROS CONEXPO Overview


IRONPROS is always going to school on construction software and packing up the insights we capture--a prime example is this Sage Estimating demo we got on the CONEXPO show floor from Sage Estimating Field Manager Darren Pierce.

RATHMANN: I was really psyched ran into this guy, because I've gotten to learn a lot about Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE, but I realized I knew Jack diddly squat about Sage Estimating. So Darren is going help me out on this front. So I'm going yield the floor to you, sir. And, you know, we can see if we can raise some consciousness here.

PIERCE: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you for the time. And I want to I want to go through a couple of things. First of all, just to kind of give a general understanding about what we do, we are a database-driven estimating tool. And most of the clients that we work with come from a digital background that will seek to digitally plan. So we're going to start there, as far as the digital takeoff, I'll do a quick digital takeoff for you so that you can see the integration, the seamless integration we have with our estimating tool. So what we have here is we take off. And what's nice about the tool is it does give the opportunity for a multi-user environment for multiple estimators to be into this plan ...


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