Trimble Tekla and Doka on Constructible Models for Concrete Construction

Tekla's Guy Erickson and Doka's Juan Aguilar lay out the software's modeling, planning and execution value prop for concrete contractors.


Tekla was acquired by Trimble in 2011 and transitioned to the Trimble Brand in 2015. We caught up with Business Manager for Tekla Structures, a Division of Trimble Guy Erickson at Trimble Dimensions 2023. We also met with Tekla customer Doka BIM Coordinator Juan Aguilar.

IRONPROS: So when it comes to the typical type of functionality that you're delivering, if you look at functional modules or business processes that contractors might recognize they can use help with that what will those areas be?

Erickson: We look at what people are having trouble with. And our approach is model, plan, pour. What people need to do is model the project at a constructive level so they can make educated decisions on quantities, scheduling, on needs materials. And we have this approach called model plan pour so you model it at a constructible level. You have all the planning tools so you can get ready to execute the job. And then you're going to plan and place your concrete. And during that whole process, you need to have ... STREAM THE FULL VIDEO FOR MORE

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