High Quality Compaction in Tough Environments with the Dynapac CC1400VI


Double drum, double output. Check out the specs and capabilities of the Dynapac CC1400VI in this video. This vibratory roller is equipped with 54-in. drums, foldable canopy and accessible controls for seamless operation.

CC1400VI Roller Features

  • Up to 5.6 mph 
  • Kubota water-cooled diesel engine 
  • Max grade 37% 
  • Foldable canopy over driver 
  • Easy to remove service cover on cross-mounted front engine 
  • High visibility  
  • One lever so operator hand doesn’t have to move off too often and seat slides with lever 
  • Spring loaded scrapers for easy adjustment 
  • Sprinkler operates on a timer and draws from a large water tank that is easy to access and fill 
  • Machine is perfect length for loading onto a truck 
  • Dyn@link remote monitoring 
  • Pave Comp system tells operator how many passes to do for optimal compaction 
  • High curb clearance 
  • Temperature monitoring 
  • Eco mode and low noise output 

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