Takeuchi Founder Inducted into AEM Hall of Fame


A few weeks past his 90th birthday and the 60th anniversary of founding the company, Mr. Takeuchi traveled from Japan to receive this honor for a lifetime of hard work, innovation, and achievement. He is humbled to be the first person from Asia to be inducted into the AEM Hall of Fame.


“Since 2008, the AEM Hall of Fame has honored the dedicated individuals who have invented, managed, built and led the off-road equipment industry, and we are pleased to welcome Akio Takeuchi into this elite group,” said AEM President Megan Tanel. “His innovation and creativity have inspired the next generation to continue our industry’s commitment to enhancing productivity, sustainability and economic and social prosperity.”


In 1963, Akio Takeuchi founded Takeuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and asked himself, “What problems do my customers have, and how can I help solve those problems?” A few years later, a local business partner and builder asked him to develop a machine that would help his employees do their jobs faster, easier and with less manual labor. The result was the world’s first compact excavator. Takeuchi’s desire to keep innovating continued in 1980 with the world’s first offset boom, allowing the operator to dig on either side of the machine.


In September 1986, Takeuchi developed the world’s first track loader after Mr. Takeuchi noticed a conventional wheeled skid steer loader getting stuck in the mud, rendering it useless. The first use of hydraulic pilot controls took place that same year, allowing for precise operation of the machine and attachments. More recently, Takeuchi met the wave of electrification head on, introducing the new TB20e electric excavator in February 2022.


“For more than 40 years, Mr. Takeuchi has visited our Research & Development department every day to discuss the ideal Takeuchi machine,” said Hiroshi Yokoyama, Takeuchi’s R & D manager. “He asks us to create new products and services no one else offers. He wants our machines to be more durable and reliable than the competition, with more robust features that can change the way our customers do business.”


To this day, Mr. Takeuchi listens to the ideas and opinions of the people who are closest to the end user to develop products that best meet their needs. One of Takeuchi’s key factors for success is that its employees have always come together to take on new challenges. The company’s corporate motto and business philosophy are based on the “TAKEUCHI Way,” which emphasizes quality, customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.

"It has been both a personal and professional honor to spend my entire career working for Mr. Takeuchi,” said Clay Eubanks, Takeuchi’s director of global sales. “The passion, creativity and humility with which he has built our company is truly inspiring. His focus on the customer, combined with always doing the right thing, has set an example that his team of global employees have followed for decades.”


For more information about Takeuchi track loaders, excavators and wheel loaders, visit www.takeuchi-us.com. Follow Takeuchi-US on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter


About Takeuchi

Takeuchi is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of an extensive line of compact track loaders and compact excavators. Founded in 1963, Takeuchi was the first company to introduce the compact excavator, setting the stage for one of the highest growth product segments ever introduced in the compact equipment market. The compact excavator has become a main line product for both rental and construction/utility companies. Takeuchi continued to lead the compact construction industry with the introduction of the first compact track loader to North America.


About AEM:

AEM is the leading organization in North America advancing construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers and their value chain partners in the global marketplace. In enabling growth together, AEM and its members build momentum for the equipment manufacturing industry and the markets it serves. AEM has over 1,000 member companies and represents 200+ product lines. Learn more at AEM.org.

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