Dynapac MF2500CS: Massive Feeding Capacity for Demanding Asphalt Projects

Transfer sand, gravel or asphalt with ease using the 225-hp MF2500CS. This mobile feeder has a 4-ft. wide conveyor and foldable hopper wings.


Versatile and powerful material transfer. The Dynapac MF2500CS features a wide belt directly secured on metal bracing and large tunnel. An optional Swingapp caters to offset feeding applications and requirements.

MF2500CS Mobile Feeder Features

  • Transports 20 tons
  • Up to 25 m/min (82 in.) and 4 km/h (2.5 mph)
  • Cummins engine
  • 1.2 m constantly variable conveyor with optional swing conveyor (transform into a swing conveyor in 15 minutes onsite) that can last up to 3,000 hours (max life belt)
  • Conveyor tunnel maintains mix heat and runs slow to avoid segregation
  • Conveyor can empty a truck in 35 seconds with clear visual indication and communication systems between feeder and truck
  • Can handle sand, gravel, dry concrete and work roads, cargo, airports and rail
  • IMIX system equalizes temps in case of inhomogeneous material arrival for use with large and small stones
  • Gently moves loads
  • Swingout seats and liftable platform give operator the best view
  • Quick start without heater
  • Automatic belt cleaning system
  • Distance, steering, truck and feeding assist systems
  • 7-in. color display screen, ergonomic controls and functionally arranged systems
  • Laptop table, plug and workspace for the banksman (signaler for the jobsite)
  • Included belt repair kit for fast fixes
  • Remote Dyn@link support and diagnostics
  • Low fuel consumption and eco mode
  • Large capacity
  • High reach

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