Ammann ARW 65-S Walk-Behind Roller Streamlines Compaction in Tight Spaces


Ammann offers the ARW 65-S Walk-Behind Roller for compaction projects in outdoor work areas and construction sites. This machine features unique steering innovation, allowing it to move forward, backward and laterally.

Compared to the previous model with forward and reverse movements, the new S version has a pivoting mechanism that enables movement in all directions. This machine can also be moved to the right and left via the control handle.

Body weight is not required to direct the machine, making operation safer along sloped or uneven surfaces. This improvement prevents operator fatigue, eliminates surface irregularities and provides consistency throughout the shift.

“The lateral control makes operating the machine much easier – and much more precise,” said Ralf Brutschin, strategic commercial manager for light equipment at Ammann. “The steering results in increased productivity, efficiency and quality.”

A hydraulic drum swivel enables the movement when going forward or backward. The drum swivels 15º to the left and right. The operator controls the direction by simply pressing one of the two buttons on the steering unit. The drawbar is shorter, which makes the machine even more compact.

A 2-in-1 Machine

The ARW 65-S is designed for two applications (both soil and asphalt compaction) in one machine. The 0.3 mm (0.01 in.) high amplitude setting makes the walk-behind roller ideal for compacting soil and substructures. The operator can switch to a lower amplitude of 0.15 mm (0.005 in.) for compacting asphalt and bitumen. The machine is ready to work on bituminous surfaces facilitated by to two scrapers on every drum and a 60-liter (15.8-gal) water tank with sprinkler system.

compact roller

Ammann ARW 65-S Walk-Behind Roller.

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The ARW 65-S retains all the features of the previous ARW 65 version.

  • Engine choices: It is available with engines from Hatz, Honda and Yanmar. An electric starter is standard for all three engines.
  • Isolated guide handle: The height-adjustable handle is designed to prevent unwanted vibration from reaching the operator.
  • Clearance: The roller offers clearance on both drum sides, allowing compaction work close to curbstones, retaining walls and other obstacles.
  • Maintenance costs: The roller is built without mechanical fast-wearing parts such as V belts and a clutch, helping reduce maintenance needs. In addition, no special tools are required for daily maintenance work.
  • Safety: The ergonomic guide handle includes the dead man’s handle that immediately puts the machine in the neutral position if the operator releases his or her grip. In reverse mode, the roller’s speed limit is set to 2.5km/h as a safety regulation.
  • Smooth operation: The hydraulic drive promotes variable speed adjustment and starting and braking action.
  • Traction: The drive system utilizes individual drive motors in each drum. This enables high traction and gradeability.
  • Sprinkling system: It prevents asphalt from caking on the drums and is integrated into the machine to protect the system.
  • Large water tank: The tank is fabricated from anti-corrosive materials and has a large capacity (60 liters/15.8 gallons).
  • High-capacity cooling system: It utilizes cooling fins on the hydraulic tank, helping the machine perform in hot conditions.

compact roller

Ammann ARW 65-S Walk-Behind Roller.

Rental and Data Tracking

The ARW 65-S is designed for rental houses because of its control and ability to compact soil and asphalt. In addition, rental houses can utilize the hour meter for time management. The machine can also use ServiceLink, a digital data management tool that provides customers with the information they want the most: machine location, battery status and hours. Data transfer is automatic.

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