Dominate Local Road Repair with the New Ammann Tandem Roller

The Ammann ARX 10.1 StV runs on gasoline, resulting in low maintenance. The machine also features side-free drums and a compact design.


Ammann’s new light tandem roller is gas-powered and features side-free drums that enable compaction in tight jobsites. The Ammann ARX 10.1 StV is equipped with a Honda GX630 21-hp petrol engine, meeting the latest EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Phase III emission regulations.

The engine is more compact than its diesel counterpart. The smaller size enables positioning that allows cooling from all sides, helping the machine to perform in hot ambient temperatures.

Why Gas Powered?

  • There is no need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the cost and hassle that go with it.
  • Maintenance of a gas engine is less costly than maintenance of a diesel engine.
  • Gas is often more convenient for smaller construction companies and rental customers.

This all-new compactor is the first in a line of Ammann Light Tandem Rollers with gas engines that meet EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Phase III emissions standards.

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Side-free drums

Currently, the Ammann ARX10.1 StV is the only machine on the market with drum consoles installed from a single side. This innovation is known as “side-free drums.”

The drums are support-free on the operator’s right side. This allows compaction work on the tightest of jobsites. Drum working widths are 900 mm (35.4 in.) and drums are installed in-line.

Operating Features

A powerful hydraulic system is the core of the powertrain structure. Both drums are equipped with drive motors that bring traction, gradeability and speed. The motors are equipped with a negative parking brake mechanism that supports secure parking when the engine is switched off.

The front drum is equipped with a vibratory system capable of delivering 16.4 kN @ 76 Hz of compaction power. The rear drum is static and has no vibratory unit.

The pressurized water sprinkling system has a tank capacity of 110 liters (29.1 gal). An interval water flow regulation mechanism, controlled by the operator, supports optimal water flow and extends sprinkling time. A two-stage filtration system (water inlet and central filter) can be cleaned without draining the tank.

Ammann tandem roller

Ammann ARX 10.1 StV.


The operator platform is fully isolated from vibration. All operational elements are located on the main dashboard. A multi-functional dashboard display monitors operating functions. The ARX 10.1 StV is available with a mechanical drive lever that is directly connected to the hydraulic drive pump. This solution brings simple and safe machine drive control.

Steps are located on both sides of the rear frame to provide access to the operation station. Safety is delivered through a handle and a design that places the steps outside of the machine contour.

The narrow design and the longitudinal engine location provide visibility from the operator station to all directions and edges.

Ownership and Applications

The ARX 10.1 StV is designed according to the ECOdrop philosophy, which utilizes advanced engineering to deliver maintenance-free solutions, minimize fluid usage and maximize access to filters.

The Ammann roller is equipped with a maintenance-free steering cylinder and articulation joint that utilizes a spherical ball bearing, which is lifetime greased. The vibratory mechanism is lubricated by grease that also lasts for the life of the product, thereby requiring no maintenance and reducing the risk of damage.

The compactor is designed for use on small repair works in city centers, malls and business areas, cycle paths and other applications.

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