Delta's UFC 500 kW EV Charger is Designed for Electric Fleets


Delta offers the UFC 500 500kW DC electric vehicle (EV) charger for construction equipment. The UFC 500 can charge one heavy duty electric vehicle (e-truck/e-Bus) with large battery capacity at 460 kW power within two hours, which, on average, result in a driving range for a full-day operation.

“Amidst the rise of high-power charging needs and challenges in land acquisition for EV charging operators, the UFC 500 emerges as an ideal solution through its remarkable power versus footprint ratio. Moreover, the UFC 500 already provides future-oriented and optimised charging, benefitting drivers through reduced time spent at charging stations, while protecting CPO’s investment for the next five to ten years,” said Arto Suni, head of sales and marketing, eMobility and Smart Energy Solutions at Delta EMEA.


Delta's UFC 500 is tailored for both public and heavy-duty applications, providing a compact solution in work areas. It enables ultra-fast charging of heavy-duty vehicles at 460 kW and supports the simultaneous charging of two modern EVs at up to 250 kW each. Delta's patented internal circuit topology results in a lightweight power module.

The charger is built to withstand demanding conditions with its all-weather design.

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EV Infrastructure

Aside from the UFC 500 EV charger, Delta also offers a full range of EV charging infrastructure solutions. This includes the Slim 100 EV Charger, a 100kW DC fast EV charger with a compact design for space-critical applications and the DC Wallbox 50kW EV Charger. Its slim form factor caters to urban and street charging environments. Delta's products and solutions are designed to cater to a range of applications, from commercial and public to EV fleets.

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