IRONPROS Study Pegs GPS-Enabled Asset Tracking as Top Construction Hardware Tech Product for 2023

A study conducted by IRONPROS reveals that hardware for GPS-based equipment management is the dominant construction equipment hardware tech for 2023 based on current use or planned adoption.


A deep research-driven analysis now available from IRONPROS shows that when it comes to technology for production and field construction equipment, GPS Asset Tracking Hardware comes in at the top of the list in terms of technologies construction contractors are using or planning/budgeting for. Here, we look at all of the top categories and key vendors in each category covered by a new primary research report.

The study is just one part of the 2023 State of The Industry Construction Technology Report from IRONPROS and ForConstructionPros.


During 2022, IronPros surveyed almost 200 construction professionals on their current usage of or plans to use various digital technologies integrated with field-based construction equipment and assets. These construction technology product categories may have components that integrate with other technologies used by management-level professionals but are primarily aimed at collecting data from or automating operation of production equipment. The product category respondents reported using, planning or budgeting for most frequently was GPS Asset Tracking Hardware. The category most respondents said they were planning or budgeting for was collision avoidance technology.

The software that consumes and makes use of data from GPS-enabled equipment sensors becomes more robust and strategic. Between native functionality to support equipment maintenance, scheduling and production reporting to integrations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to enable sound capital asset decisions and capture actual cost, the data from these sensors is becoming more valuable and useful.

The study report includes detailed adoption curve analyses on:

  • GPS Asset Tracking Hardware
  • Jobsite Security Cameras
  • OEM Machine Control
  • OEM Telematics
  • Collision Avoidance Technology
  • Aftermarket Machine Control
  • Aftermarket Telematics

GPS Asset Tracking Hardware at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Construction professionals can learn more about vendors and products in this category on IRONPROS. A number of GPS Asset Tracking Hardware vendors will also be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 20203 March 13-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada including:

  • AT&T Equipment and Machinery Solutions, Booth #N12700
  • Atrack Technology Booth #N13165
  • Cube Tracker, Booth #N11055
  • Equipmentshare, Booth #N11462
  • Geotab, Booth #N10541
  • Intelliwave Technologies, Booth #N11068
  • Motive, Booth #N10169
  • Noregon Systems, Booth #N12377
  • Powerfleet, Booth #N10131
  • Rooster, Booth #N11477
  • Samsara, Booth #N10677
  • Tenna, Booth #N11427
  • US Fleet Tracking, Booth #N12573

“Equipment is just one variable that plays a role in successful, profitable projects, but real-time data on equipment disposition, location, productivity, condition and other data points helps management teams press cost and risk out of projects,” AC Business Media CEO Ron Spink said. “These hardware technologies and the software technologies they feed into are both becoming more critical to the industry, and IRONPROS is a solid resource to learn about vendor and product options in this category.”

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