Tenna CEO: Your Equipment Can Help Prevent Cost Overruns


IRONPROS sat in on sessions at Procore Groundbreak, including a panel discussion with Tenna CEO and Co-Founder Austin Conti, and got Conti talking about the substance of that talk at their exhibit.

IRONPROS: Nikki Lawson here with IRONPROS with Austin Conti and Tenna. We just sat through your panel discussion titled Better Together, Aligning Labor and Equipment to Mitigate Risk. One really cool stat we heard, or not really actually all that cool to be honest with you. But that $200,000 is an overwhelming amount for about a million dollar project. That's about an average. And a lot of that, from what we talked about is from lack of planning ... We know more at the end of a project than we typically do at the beginning, but it sounds like there's a lot we can do to plan ahead of time. So in pre-construction,we've talked about a little bit about planning labor, you know, even if it's not a perfect plan, having a plan makes a lot of sense. But tell me how we want to also plan for equipment in a project.

CONTI: So first of all, yes, it is a tough stat, right. It could be more, right? But contractors are busy to their core. So a key thing for us as management system .. is just having transparency and data. So we use the same heavier equipment to tell you what's going on. ...

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