Is Fleetwatcher a Fit for Your Equipment Management Needs?


IRONPROS caught up with Earthwave Technologies Vice President of Sales Evan Triggs at Trimble Dimensions 2023. The GPS-Enabled Asset Management software product is a fit for contractors with as few as 10 pieces of equipment, and has a following all the way up into enterprise-size construction contractors.

Fleetwatcher goes to market with two core capabilities:

  • FleetWatcher's materials management system (MMS) which uses the Load Cycle Analysis to identify problems and correct them in real time
  • FleetWatcher's Construction Management Solution (CMS) collects data from mixed fleet construction equipment assets and presents a maintenance due report

IRONPROS: So if you were to think about who ought to be looking at this, from a company demographic standpoint, how far down market how small of a contractor can you work with?

TRIGGS: So we so we actually work with the largest contractors in North America all the way to the mom and pops.

IRONPROS: As a minimum, how many machines should a company have before you are a fit. One? Five?

TRIGGS: I would say I would say, you know, 10, 15 machines. You've got to use machines. The machines are the core. Smaller companies are my favorite because typically in a large corporate company, that revenue that we put back to the bottom line, that's corporate dollars. That's going to people don't necessarily see that money. But when we're working with someone whose name is on the side of the excavator, whose name is on the side of the truck, who get some seats that money? Their family, their kids, automatic fulfillment directly to those individuals. But it comes down to realistically making the construction space more efficient. Companies at the corporate level have to report ... STREAM OUR FULL CONVERSATION FOR MORE.

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