Unleash the power of ALICE to schedule around project delays and get back on track. Visualize progress, catch delays and immediately explore alternative solutions to minimize cost and schedule problems.

Visualize progress, catch delays and immediately explore alternative solutions to minimize cost and schedule problems.Features
Progress tracking

Select your favorite ALICE solution as your baseline and update your schedule activities with their actual status and progress numbers either by uploading a CSV file, or by using the ALICE UI. As construction progresses, your project's cost, schedule and production status remain in sync. Team alignment made easy!

Rescheduling / resequencing

Explore mitigation strategies to deal with project change orders and delays and automatically reschedule the remaining project work. Get your delayed project back on track.

Update design in place (coming soon)

Quickly incorporate design changes and ensure your schedule and estimates are aligned to the latest design. Update the 3D model at any point during the project life-cycle -- without losing any of the progress work and data.

Version control (coming soon)

No need to keep documenting your changes in spreadsheets and notebooks. You can save a snapshot of your plan and the history of various stages -- with the ability to revert back to a prior version if desired. Don't worry about all the schedules ... ALICE does automatic record keeping of as-built schedule versions by tracking the last progress entry date, data date and creation date.

Progress analytics (coming soon)

In ALICE, scope - cost - schedule are shared, and you can therefore visualize your progress through any of these lenses. Implement integrated time and cost control for your project by browsing through quantities installed, resources consumed, and activity progress ... all in one place.

Progress reporting (coming soon)

Export the updated ALICE data to produce look-ahead schedules to organize your workforce, generate your project percent complete (PPC) report or perform a milestone analysis. What's more, ALICE gives you the ability to perform delay analysis on various levels such as resources, activities, zones and many others.

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