Hook Construction relies on Elevation Pro to help value engineer jobsites

Kyle Kopp and Bill Estell, owners of Hook Construction LLC, have found the sweet spot of success in just five short years.


The company specializes in earthwork, storm sewer and heavy civil concrete work, servicing all of Oklahoma and parts of Texas.

They are committed to ensuring that the projects they bid on are competitive and bring the best value to their customers. To remain successful, they rely on InSite’s Elevation Pro.

One feature they use to value engineer jobsites is the Dynamic Site Balancer. This feature won them a $700,000 contract. The job required a significant import, but there wasn’t enough money in the budget to bring in material. Using the Site Balancer, Estell showed the developer that if he lowered the site by 3.25 inches, the site would be balanced. They won the job.

Estell also relies on Elevation Pro’s 3D views, contour cut and fi ll map, and KMZ export to Google Earth. “It gives me a competitive edge,” says Estell. “Showing up at the contractor’s office and showing them the 3Ds and overlays really impresses them.”

In addition to takeoff, Hook Construction also builds models. Kopp says building models is a simple process using Elevation Pro. “We used to farm models out,” says Kopp. “We do an average of 45 models per year and were paying about $1,500 per model. Using Elevation Pro for model building saves over $60,000 per year in fees.” Says Kopp, “Elevation Pro is an incredible value. It more than pays for itself over and over again.”

Originally published in Construction Business Owner

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