Top 5 BRUNT Workwear Gear for 2023


In October 2020, Eric Girouard developed BRUNT Workwear with one primary goal in mind: to create comfortable, high-quality work boots and clothes. As the son of a blue-collar worker, Girouard understood exactly what construction workers are looking for as they purchase their clothes and work boots, due to his own extensive experience in the trades industry.

Not to mention, as he founded the company, he worked alongside some of his childhood friends who had pursued full-time trades careers, utilizing their opinions and experiences as he designed each of his offerings.

As a result of Girouard’s—and his closest associates’—ties to the trades industry, you can be assured that you’ll be receiving exactly what you need on the job whenever you purchase BRUNT Workwear clothes and work boots.

Benefits of BRUNT Workwear Gear

Aside from this close association with the trades industry, BRUNT Workwear also provides a wide range of apparel options to choose from, including belts, hoodies, jackets, pants, shirts and shorts. In addition, the company specializes in offering work boots that are tailored to each customers’ unique needs, whether they require a laceless alternative, composite toes, high traction, lightweight designs or soft toes.

At the same time, the company provides accessories like beanies, insoles, safety vests, socks and sun hats too, along with leather conditioners and leather care kits. The bottom line? Regardless of your specific needs, you’ll be able to find whichever type of BRUNT Workwear gear is the most suitable for you, your work conditions and your job tasks.

As you prepare for the coming months, from the peak of winter, to the beginning of spring, consider purchasing the following five BRUNT Workwear gear options.


1. The Coady Full-zip Hoodie

Offering an oversized hood that enables you to wear a hardhat, the Coady is comprised of two-way stretch materials, resulting in high flexibility. Additionally, the hoodie is highly durable, as its body is comprised of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, while its reinforcements are comprised of 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Featuring a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish that allows water to easily roll off of it, the hoodie’s high-wear areas have been developed with abrasion-resistant materials, leading to long-term robustness. And, due to its length (as it’s 1.5 inches longer than usual hoodies), the Coady also prevents updraft, ensuring you’re protected from all elements.

Best Features: Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish; two-way stretch materials

Price: $89 – Buy on


2. The Couvee Jacket

Developed to provide you an extra layer over your Coady hoodie, the Couvee jacket features abrasion-resistant fabric, a DWR finish, much like the Coady, and quilted insulation. Consequently, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable, warm and dry as you work in various elements this winter. Comprised of two-way stretch materials as well, the flexible hoodie also has double-stitched seams that increase its durability. Able to endure the most severe weather conditions, the jacket has articulated sleeves too, which enable you to move freely as you conduct your daily tasks. Furthermore, it has a wide array of pockets that allow you to store several items.

Best Features: Articulated sleeves; double-stitched seams

Price: $159 – Buy on


3. The Martin Pants

Due to their DWR finish, the Martin pants are always protected from water, regardless of your work conditions. In addition to ensuring water will roll off of them, the pants are also abrasion resistant, resulting in high durability and long lifespans. For further resilience, the pants’ knees have a hidden double layer too, and each layer has articulation. In fact, their hidden double layer is not only associated with the pants’ knees, as it’s featured from their thighs to their shins as well. Available in four colors (black, brown, charcoal and tan), the pants also have several pockets for storage purposes.

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; DWR finish

Price: $79 – Buy on


4. The Torra Pants

Named after Tony Torra, a U.S. Army veteran, construction worker, and heavy equipment hauler and operator, the Torra pants have been designed with two-way stretch materials, leading to utmost comfort and flexibility. Comprised of 64% cotton, 34% polyester and 2% spandex, the highly durable pants enable effortless movement too, as they have a lightweight material blend known as 350 GSM. Featuring articulated knees, which will further increase your overall ease of movement, the pants offer five pockets in all. Able to be easily fastened, due to their shank button, the pants also have a reinforced tool clip patch that can be used for items like pocketknives.

Best Features: Articulated knees; lightweight material blend

Price: $59 – Buy on


5. The Whitman Pants

Created in honor of BRUNT Workwear CEO and founder Eric Girouard’s friend Kyle Whitman—and the thousands of other streets division employees across the U.S.—the Whitman pants have been built to last, no matter where (or how often) they’re worn. After all, they have built-in abrasion resistance in areas that are considered “high wear”. Furthermore, their kick plates are comprised of Nylon 66, an abrasion-resistant fabric that’s highly durable. And, like the Martin pants, they have a DWR finish too, ensuring water will not only roll off of them, but they’ll also be able to withstand several washes without easily fading.

Best Features: DWR finish; Nylon 66, an abrasion-resistant fabric

Price: $99 – Buy on

FAQs for BRUNT Workwear Gear

What exactly is the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish?

It’s a polymer that can either be washed into—or applied to—BRUNT Workwear’s hoodies’, jackets’ and pants’ outermost fabric layers. By utilizing DWR, your BRUNT workwear gear’s fabric’s surface tension will decline, allowing water to roll right off of it.

Can I only purchase BRUNT Workwear gear online?

Yes. All BRUNT Workwear gear options are only available for purchase online, thereby minimizing the costs associated with retail stores’ sales.

How should I wash my BRUNT Workwear gear?

Everything is machine washable. The best option is machine wash cold though, while using a mild detergent as well. You should also tumble dry low.

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