Best BRUNT Workwear Products You Can Wear All Summer


As a member of a blue collar household throughout his childhood, Eric Girouard, founder and CEO of BRUNT Workwear, fully understands the ins and outs of the trades.

After all, he not only landscaped and roofed when he was young, but his best friends also had blue collar jobs while growing up, prior to becoming trades industry professionals as young adults.

Girouard founded BRUNT Workwear in 2020 to create a workwear brand with trade industry professionals’ needs in mind. And, to do so properly, he sought the advice of his best friends who were working in the industry full-time. BRUNT became dedicated to providing professionals—like you—a wide array of workwear options ever since.

From cold weather apparel like The Couvee Jacket and The Coady Full-Zip, to warm weather selections, such as t-shirts and shorts, BRUNT Workwear has a full spectrum of offerings for every season, including the hottest months of the year.

The Significance of Summer Workwear

As a result of your involvement in the construction industry, you know how vital it is to have workwear for any type of weather condition. For example, one day you might have to work in cold rain, while the next day you may need to endure scorching heat for hours on end.

During this time of year, regardless of where you live and work, you must have full protection from the sun, in order to avoid sunburns, along with the potential negative impacts of them down the road. You should also bear in mind just how detrimental overheating can be, with regards to your health. Don’t ever underestimate the influence that high temperatures can have on your body. Anyone may be vulnerable to negative health consequences like heat strokes, no matter how healthy they are.

Aside from the harmful influences heat may have on your body this summer, don’t overlook the impact it can have on your on-the-job comfort, too. There is nothing worse than sweating for hours at a time—and trying to work to the best of your abilities while doing so. It’s practically impossible to hold onto tools, work at an efficient pace, move from one area of your jobsite to another and focus on each task at hand as you sweat.

With this in mind, you must purchase summer workwear that’s suitable for you, the climate in which you work, the job tasks you typically complete and the conditions you may encounter. Comfort is key. Without it, you won’t work to the best of your abilities. And, without your health, you won’t achieve everything you want to either.

To help you maintain your health and comfort on your jobsites, even as temperatures soar to 100℉ or higher, BRUNT Workwear has created the following five products, which you’ll be able to wear all summer long.

1.    BRUNT Sun Hat

Let’s face it. Whether you love to wear hats or you’d prefer not to wear them if at all possible, sometimes you simply don’t have a choice. The sun is too hot, the temperatures are too high and you need all the protection you can receive. Thanks to this hat’s wide brim, you’ll be well protected from the sun’s UV rays, even as you work during the middle of the afternoon. Offering a size that fits a majority of construction workers’ heads, the hat will ensure you remain cool and comfortable all day long. And it will be shipped to you completely free of charge as well.

Best Features: Free shipping; wide brim

Price: $45.00 – Buy on

2.    The Marin Unlined (Soft Toe)

When you first think about summer workwear, boots are likely one of the last clothing items that come to mind. But these soft toe boots have been built for any climate, as they feature lightweight rubber foam midsoles. Providing adjustable widths, so that you can have more space and comfort, as your feet won’t be as cramped or, in turn, hot, the boots are also lightweight in general, when compared to many others on the market. As an example, a size 9 boot only weighs 1.5 pounds. In addition, the boots’ insoles have nonstick top layers, leading to higher comfort if your feet still sweat a bit.

Best Features: Insoles have nonstick top layers; lightweight rubber foam midsoles

Price: $139.00 – Buy on

3.    The Costello Short

Very lightweight, as they’re comprised of 5-ounce fabric, these shorts have been created for hot weather. Named after Girouard’s friend, Jason Costello—a landscape curber that usually works in high temperatures, as he’s based in Southern California—the shorts feature two materials that guarantee high breathability: mini ripstop nylon (88%) and spandex (12%). And they have a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish, ensuring they wick away any moisture associated with sweat or rainy summer days. Aside from being highly comfortable, the shorts are very flexible too, as they have a four-way stretch, allowing you to easily move from one job to the next in high heat.

Best Features: DWR finish for water resistance; mini ripstop nylon and spandex composition

Price: $59.00 – Buy on

4.    The Martin Short

Comprised of cotton (70%), nylon (28%) and spandex (2%), these shorts are very comfortable in high temperatures. Inspired by The Martin Pant, the shorts are also highly flexible, due to their two-way stretch materials, which will enable you to easily bend down and kneel, regardless of how hot the weather is. Featuring a DWR finish like The Costello Short, the shorts are water resistant too, so you’ll never have to worry about sweating in them. For further dryness, comfort and breathability, the shorts have a moisture-wicking waistband as well. Consequently, you’ll remain comfortable throughout your shifts, even if you decide to work overtime on hot, humid days.

Best Features: DWR finish for water resistance; moisture-wicking waistband

Price: $69.00 – Buy on

5.    The McKenna Sun Shirt

While working during the peak of summer, you may fear nothing more than the possibility of experiencing severe sunburns. However, by wearing this shirt, that fear should diminish considerably, as it offers UPF 50+ sun protection, thereby guarding you from a majority of UV rays. At the same time, the shirt, which is comprised of 4.87-ounce fabric, is highly breathable and lightweight too, as it has a polyester (88%) and spandex (12%) composition. Very soft, the shirt also has drop shoulder seams that minimize any potential for chafing. And it has flatlock seams, which won’t rub against your skin as you constantly move around in high temperatures.

Best Features: Drop shoulder seams diminish chafing; UPF 50+ sun protection

Price: $39.00 – Buy on

Summer Gear is Finally Here

The bottom line? Since BRUNT Workwear’s apparel and work boots are made by workers—for workers—you have plenty of options, as you strive to protect yourself from the sun and the dangers associated with it.

Through each of these five offerings, you’ll have the protection you need for several hours at a time. Furthermore, you’ll remain highly comfortable on the job too, as a result of their breathability and lightweight.

As you know, the more comfortable you are during the summer months, the more productive you’ll be as well, allowing you to reach your full potential, even as heat and humidity continue to rise.

Visit BRUNT to upgrade your workwear today!

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