These Construction Tool Belt Products Can Make Your Job Easier


Let’s face it. Construction work is ever-changing and often unpredictable. One day you may be working on a project that requires a certain set of tools. And then, within a matter of 24 hours, you may need an entirely different set.

However, one aspect of your work should remain unchanged: your tool belt. You should strive to find one that’s comfortable for you and suitable for your projects. Not to mention, durability is key too. After all, if you find a tool belt you love, why not have one that will last for years to come?

Why Buy Tool Belt?

Tool belts should be durable and comfortable, without question. Yet, they should also offer you several other benefits. First, plentiful storage options are critical. If you can find a tool belt that can hold numerous tools and items—and a variety of sizes and types of them—you should consider purchasing it. In these times, the more storage options you have, the better, as the assortment of construction job tasks continues to increase.

Adjustability is significant as well. You should try to find a tool belt that can adjust to various sizes so that you can wear it when you only have jeans on in the summer or multiple layers of pants on in the winter. Padding is important, too. Remember, the more comfortable the tool belt, the more comfortable you’ll be. And, of course, the more comfortable you are, the more productive you’ll be during your shifts, regardless of how long they are.

You should consider your potential tool belt’s composition as well. If a tool belt is comprised of robust materials, they’re more likely to last, even if you work in harsh environments. Also, if you find a tool belt with suspenders, ensure they have padding too, leading to even further comfort.

As you prepare to purchase your next tool belt, consider one of the following, as each of them offers adjustability for various waist sizes. In addition, each one has an ample amount of storage options, along with high durability—characteristics that will make your job easier in the long run.

1. AWP Tool Rig and Padded, Adjustable Tool Belt

tool belt

AWP Tool Rig and Padded, Adjustable Tool Belt.

Featuring TrapJaw snaps on two of its pockets, which are able to open up widely, leading to effortless access, this tool rig can securely hold small tools and fasteners. For storage purposes, the tool rig has two large capacity pouches, along with a variety of smaller capacity pockets that enable you to carry several tools on your jobsite. Additionally, it has a hammer holder that can be used for most standard sized hammers. Featuring a padded belt that can fit several waists—all the way up to 50 inches—the tool rig also has padded suspenders, resulting in enhanced comfort as you carry your tools.

Best Features: Padded belt and suspenders; TrapJaw snaps on two of its pockets

Price: $29.99 – Buy tool belt on Amazon.com

2. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Apron Tool Belt

tool belt

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Apron Tool Belt.

Offering a 20-pocket work apron, this tool belt enables you to store various items, including nails, parts and tools. Of the 20 pockets, nine are larger than the others, thereby providing you many storage options to choose from. In addition, for further storage, the tool belt has a zippered pouch, too. Highly comfortable and stable, the 5-inch padded belt also features a double-tongue roller buckle, along with a breathable mesh. Able to fit several waist sizes, ranging from 29 to 46 inches, the tool belt has fully adjustable, padded yoke-style suspenders as well. And each suspender has pockets that can be used for cellphones and pencils.

Best Features: 20-pocket work apron; double-tongue roller buckle

Price: $74.99 – Buy on Amazon.com

3. GlossyEnd 11-Pocket Construction Tool Belt

tool belt

GlossyEnd 11-Pocket Construction Tool Belt.

Providing you 11 pockets—five of which are larger and can be used for nails and tools, and six that are smaller for items like gauges, nail sets, pencils and pliers—this tool belt also features two steel loops that can be utilized for hammers. Designed to adjust for a variety of sizes, from 33 to 50 inches, the tool belt has a work apron too, along with a buckle that’s considered “quick release”, allowing you to use it effortlessly. Two inches wide, the tool belt is comprised of heavy-duty grade 600D polyester and reinforced with a rust-proof rivet, leading to high durability long term.

Best Features: 11 pockets; steel loops for hammers

Price: $19.99 – Buy tool belt on Amazon.com

4. Jackson Palmer Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt

tool belt

Jackson Palmer Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt.

Designed with iron buckles, along with reinforced stitching that’s been added to typical stress points, this tool belt, in turn, is especially ideal for your difficult job tasks. Featuring two large, detachable pouches, each of which have four pockets, the tool belt also has two power tool hooks and a hammer holder. Additionally, it has ring attachments that you can use to place the pouches wherever you prefer to have them. Available in two models (JP-TL-BLT2-GN and Tan and Black), the tool belt is heavy duty too, enabling it to be utilized for years. And it can fit numerous waist sizes, from 30 to 50 inches.

Best Features: Iron buckles; two large, detachable pouches

Price: $43.99 - $44.99 – Buy tool belt on Amazon.com

5. LEFOR·Z 26-Pocket Tool Belt

tool belt

LEFOR·Z 26-Pocket Tool Belt.

Highly versatile, this tool belt offers you 26 pockets, enabling you to have space for various types of items, from hammers and nails, to screwdrivers and tape measurers. Highly ergonomic, due to the placement of its pockets, the tool belt allows you to pull out whichever item you need in an effortless, fast manner, which is crucial on the jobsite. Featuring three main components that can be disassembled easily, the tool belt also enables you to remove some pockets if you don’t need them, thereby lightening your load. Able to adjust in size from 31 to 48 inches, the tool belt has a quick release buckle, too.

Best Features: 26 pockets; components that can be disassembled

Price: $27.99 – Buy tool belt on Amazon.com

Things to Know about a Tool Belt

What should I do if I’m left-handed?

You should consider purchasing a tool belt that has removable pouches. In doing so, you’ll be able to adjust the placements of your tools, according to your specific hand preference.

Where should I place the various items in my tool belt?

It’s truly up to you. But you want to ensure that tools that may snag on equipment, roofing and so forth aren’t placed in a position that enables such an issue in the first place. Ensure your nails, fasteners and screws aren’t placed in pockets that lead to easy spillage either.

Which type of material is the most ideal for construction tool belts?

Again, this is personal preference. Many construction workers like the look and feel of leather. You should primarily focus on ensuring your manufacturer creates high-quality, durable tool belts that can withstand the wear and tear that’s a direct result of your daily job tasks.

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