Durable Ariat Work Pants for Rugged Work Areas and Projects


Fifty years ago, Beth Cross was inspired by one of the greatest athletic achievements of all time: Secretariat’s victory at the Kentucky Derby, in which he set the all-time track record (to this day) of less than 2 minutes.

At the time, Cross was a child, inspired by Secretariat’s stellar achievement, to the point in which she ultimately created a boots manufacturer named after his heart and spirit, two qualities that led him to arguably become the world’s greatest-ever racing horse.

Originally founded to provide boots to equestrian athletes, Cross’s vision (known as Ariat since it was founded in 1993) has since expanded considerably. For example, the manufacturer now offers a wide array of clothing items, developed for a variety of customers, including construction workers like you.

Although Ariat has become especially renowned for its boots, the manufacturer’s pants are steadily becoming popular too—and for good reason.

Why Buy Ariat Pants?

According to Ariat’s website, six of its 12 best sellers are pants. At first glance, that may be quite surprising, considering the manufacturer’s 30-year history of creating boots. But, upon further consideration, the manufacturer’s increasingly popular pants really aren’t all that surprising, after all.

First off, they’re generally available in numerous waist sizes and lengths, leading to high variety. For further flexibility, big and tall options are also available. The bottom line? Regardless of your size, you’ll more than likely find a pair of pants that are perfect for you.

As another example of their variety, the pants are often available in several colors as well. In turn, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, ensuring you’re not only comfortable, but confident too, with regards to your appearance.

Aside from their assortment of sizes and colors, the pants offer another important characteristic: durability. As is the case with other Ariat products, they’re well built, as the manufacturer focuses on providing clothing options that will stand the test of time, even as they’re regularly worn in difficult working conditions. Is there any wonder that purchasers have described them as “heavy duty” and “the only work pants [they] buy” on Ariat’s website?

Due to their composition, users have also described Ariat’s pants as comfortable. Often comprised mostly of cotton, they’re soft and flexible, ensuring you’ll be able to maintain a high range of motion as you travel from one jobsite to another and conduct various job tasks.

Finally, some of the manufacturer’s pants are either waterproof or they have knee pads, enabling you to have a high level of protection from Mother Nature or on-the-job hazards, over and over again.

But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and purchase one of the following five pairs of pants on Amazon.com and witness each of these positives for yourself!

Rebar M4 Low Rise DuraStretch Made Tough Stackable Straight Leg Work Pants

ariat work pants

Rebar M4 Low Rise DuraStretch Made Tough Stackable Straight Leg Work Pants.

Available in eight colors, ranging from black, to khaki, to navy, these pants are offered in 16 waist sizes: 28 to 50. Provided in five lengths (30 to 38) and two fit styles (standard or big and tall), the pants feature triple needle stitching at each of their stress points, thereby ensuring they’ll maintain their durability, no matter how often you have to bend down or stretch on your jobsite. Very stretchable, as they’re comprised of 9-ounce MTFlex stretch canvas, leading to a wide range of motion, the straight leg pants are also highly comfortable, due to their 99% cotton (and 1% spandex) composition.

Best Features: 16 waist sizes; MTFlex stretch canvas composition

Price: $49.95 - $54.95 – Buy Ariat work pants on Amazon.com.

Rebar M4 Relaxed DuraStretch Basic Boot Cut Jeans

ariat work pants

Rebar M4 Relaxed DuraStretch Basic Boot Cut Jeans.

Provided in 16 waist sizes too (28 to 50), these jeans are the manufacturer’s most popular work jeans offering. The primary reason? They’re highly durable and very flexible. For instance, they’re comprised of 13-ounce ToughMax DuraStretch denim, which, according to the manufacturer, is twice as durable as other jeans’ denim. Not to mention, the jeans offer high flexibility as well, as their composition includes cotton (67%), polyester (32%) and spandex (1%). Able to easily fit around your boots, the jeans, which are available in five lengths (30 to 38), will comfortably fit on your thighs and waist too, enabling you to comfortably—and effortlessly—move around your jobsite.

Best Features: Polyester and spandex composition; ToughMax DuraStretch denim

Price: $57.95 – Buy Ariat work pants on Amazon.com.

Rebar M5 Straight Made Touch Knee Guardian Straight Pants

ariat work pants

Rebar M5 Straight Made Touch Knee Guardian Straight Pants.

Featuring D30 TRX kneepads, which are sewn directly into the pants, these straight leg offerings will ensure your knees remain protected from practically any hazard you may encounter on your jobsite, especially as you kneel down on concrete or the ground. Due to their cotton (98%) and elastane (2%) composition, you’ll be able to machine wash and dry the pants without removing their kneepads, saving you time and energy. To ensure the kneepads remain exactly where they should, the pants also have gussets that are custom articulated. Therefore, your knees will remain protected at all times, no matter how often you bend down, kneel and stretch.

Best Features: Cotton and elastane composition; D30 TRX kneepads

Price: $72.13 - $89.95 – Buy Ariat work pants on Amazon.com.

Rebar M7 Slim DuraStretch Made Tough Durable Front Straight Work Pants

ariat work pants

Rebar M7 Slim DuraStretch Made Tough Durable Front Straight Work Pants.

Offered in 17 waist sizes, ranging from 28 to 52, these pants are comprised of 9-ounce MTFlex stretch canvas. Consequently, they’re highly flexible and comfortable, leading to considerable mobility as you conduct a variety of job tasks. Featuring triple-needing stitching, resulting in further durability, the pants have reinforced thigh chaps too, ensuring they have a high likelihood of long-term robustness. Providing articulated knees, which can be used for knee pads, the straight leg pants are very soft as well. To guarantee that they’ll maintain their softness—along with their flexibility—for long durations, the pants are not only comprised of cotton (98%), but spandex, too (2%).

Best Features: 17 waist sizes; 9-ounce MTFlex stretch canvas

Price: $49.95 – Buy Ariat work pants on Amazon.com.

Rebar Stormshell Waterproof Pants

ariat work pants

Due to their DryShield waterproof technology, these pants will protect your legs from heavy downpours, while offering high breathability too, ensuring you’ll remain comfortable in hot, humid conditions. Able to be worn over jeans or other pants, the 100% polyester pants have taped seams as well, leading to high durability and further protection from the elements. Providing a 4-ounce shell, the pants are also relatively lightweight, resulting in comfortability. Featuring an electric waistband that ensures high flexibility as you move around your jobsite, the pants have hip-to-thigh snap closures too, which will enable you to easily put them on or take them off whenever necessary.

Best Features: 100% polyester compositions; DryShield waterproof technology

Price: $77.95 - $82.95 – Buy Ariat work pants on Amazon.com.

Things to Know about Ariat Work Pants

How should I clean my Ariat work pants?

You should machine wash them in warm water, either on a gentle or cotton/sturdy cycle. In doing so, you’ll minimize the likelihood of shrinkage or damage.

How should I dry them?

After washing them in warm water, tumble dry them either on low heat or on a cotton setting. Once they’re dried, remove them from your dryer immediately, in order to prevent wrinkles.

What else should I keep in mind as I clean my Ariat work pants?

You must avoid dry cleaning at all costs. In addition, depending on what Ariat instructs you to do, you may need to avoid ironing, too. As a result, you won’t damage or shrink them, enabling you to wear them on a long-term basis, as Ariat intended.

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