NEWS: Delta Plus Introduces Americana Climbing Type II Mips Hard Hat

The Type II helmet offers protection from rotational head impacts on construction sites, serving as a critical fall protection solution for workers.


As part of their recent partnership, global PPE leader Delta Plus and Mips, a company specializing in helmet-based safety, have announced the launch of the Delta Plus Americana Climbing Type II Mips helmet, equipped with the Mips Elevate Core system.

The Mips system, integrated into the safety helmet, is designed to help redirect dangerous rotational motion of certain angled impacts that could otherwise be transferred to the wearer's head.

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Made in the USA and engineered by experts in helmet manufacturing, the Americana Climbing Type II Mips Helmet has the look of a performance climbing helmet with the protection of a safety helmet.

A specialist throughout multiple sectors since 1977, Delta Plus designs, produces and recommends head-to-toe equipment for work situations, combining protection, comfort and design. Operating in over 110 countries and with over 4 million helmets produced annually, Delta Plus has a global presence in the safety industry.

The Mips safety system is intended to help reduce harmful rotational motion caused by angled impacts – for example, from a worker falling or being struck by a falling object. Mips’ low-friction layer in the helmet is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head on certain angled impacts. This is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injury.

safety helmet

Mips x Delta Plus safety helmet in testing. Credit: Mips

“Mips is thrilled to launch the Americana Climbing Type II Mips helmet with Delta Plus,” said Olof Rylander, senior business developer safety at Mips.

“It is the result of our partnership with global PPE developer and manufacturer Delta Plus, and this helmet is suitable for a variety of work and is designed to address some of the most common risks for head injuries that workers face today.”

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