Best Dickies Shorts for Summer Construction Season

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For more than 100 years, Dickies has been providing construction workers a wide array of workwear items to choose from. Although the manufacturer is especially renowned for its pants, it also offers numerous work shorts, including the following five options.

 If you’re seeking comfort, durability and variety as you prepare to transition from wearing pants to shorts this summer, look no further than these shorts. Not only will they provide you each of these benefits, but many others as well.

FLEX Cooling Active Waist, 13-in. Regular Fit Dickies Shorts

To ensure you remain as cool as possible this summer, especially when temperatures continuously rise, these shorts feature Temp-iQ technology, leading to consistent temperature control. For further comfort in the heat, the 7.25-ounce mechanical stretch twill shorts are comprised of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) too, resulting in steady softness and lightness.

 In addition, due to the shorts’ FLEX fabric composition, you’ll be able to easily move around in them, regardless of what you need to do on your jobsites. To enhance your abilities to conduct practically any job task with minimal limitations, the shorts have a stain release finish, enabling them to maintain their appearance—no matter where you wear them or how often you wear them. Suitable for many body types, the shorts are also available in various waist sizes, ranging from 30 to 50.

Best Features: FLEX fabric composition; Temp-iQ technology

Price: $34.99 – Buy FLEX Cooling Active Waist, 13-inch, Regular Fit Shorts on

FLEX Relaxed Fit, 13-in. Cargo Dickies Shorts

 Comprised of FLEX fabric as well, these shorts will enable you to have a high range of motion too, leading to the flexibility you need while conducting several job tasks. To increase your abilities to complete more tasks on your jobsites, the shorts also have numerous cargo pockets. Due to these pockets, which are located on the shorts’ back, front and sides, you’ll have plenty of storage space for your tools, along with other items.

Not to mention, the shorts’ right leg has a pocket that can be used for various purposes, whether you need to store items like cell phones, pencils or pens. Furthermore, since the shorts’ pleated pockets have flap designs, items will securely remain in them, regardless of how often you have to bend, kneel and stretch on your jobsites.

Best Features: FLEX fabric composition; numerous pockets have flap designs for secure storage

Price: $29.99 – Buy Dickies Shorts

Loose Fit, 13-in. Cargo Dickies Shorts

As a result of these shorts’ knee-length cuts, you’ll have the longer coverage you need for knee protection, as you conduct job tasks that may injure your knees or upper legs. Just as importantly, the shorts have spacious fits around their thighs, leading to a high range of motion. Aside from their fit, the shorts offer comfort in another key way—they’re comprised of FLEX fabric, allowing you to move around in an even more effortless manner.

 Featuring a wrinkle-resistant design that enables you to have a professional appearance consistently, the shorts also have a stain release finish. In turn, they’ll potentially maintain their lifespans for longer durations. Along with their comfort and durability, the shorts provide ample storage opportunities too, from their various pockets to their tunnel belt loops that allow you to use heavy tool belts.

Best Features: Stain release finish; wrinkle-resistant design

Price: $29.99 – Buy Dickies Shorts

Relaxed Fit, 11-in. Carpenter Painter Dickies Shorts

Due to their 100% cotton composition, these shorts will ensure you’re steadily comfortable all summer long, as they’re very soft. In addition to their softness, the shorts will help you remain cool during hot, humid days too, as they’re comprised of 8.75-ounce Painter’s Drill fabric, as termed by Dickie’s.

Available in two colors (natural beige and white) and nine waist sizes (ranging from 30 to 42), the shorts are highly durable as well, as they have triple-stitched felled seams. Of equal importance, they’ve been developed to offer you ample storage opportunities, as they feature a hammer loop, dual tool pockets and double back pockets for various items. Consequently, you’ll be able to transport many items and tools with you—without having to walk back and forth on your jobsites to acquire them.

Best Features: Painter’s Drill fabric for coolness; triple-stitched felled seams for durability

Price: $26.24 - $33.60 – Buy Dickies Shorts

Relaxed Fit, Multi-Use Pocket, 13-in Work Dickies Shorts

Offered in nine waist sizes, ranging from 30 to 44, and four colors—black, charcoal grey, dark navy and khaki—these shorts have a durable polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) composition, leading to longevity. To further increase their likelihood of long lifespans, the 8.5-ounce twill shorts have a stain release finish, too. Therefore, you’ll maintain a professional appearance for months, if not years, to come.

 Moreover, the 13-inch-long shorts (which will reach your knees) have a sharp center crease, along with a wrinkle-resistant fabric composition, thus enhancing your appearance even further. Providing a roomy fit around their thighs, the shorts also have various pockets that can be utilized for cell phone, gear and tool storage. And since they have wide belt loops, they’ll be able to hold heavy tool belts and, in turn, more tools.

Best Features: Stain release finish; wrinkle resistance

Price: $24.99 – Buy Dickies Shorts

Why Buy Dickies Shorts?

As shown above, there are plenty of reasons to purchase Dickie’s work shorts. Perhaps you’re striving to cool down more during the summer months. Maybe you’re interested in acquiring some pairs of shorts that will potentially be used well into the future. Or, possibly, you’re trying to find some options that provide variety, with regard to their colors, sizes and storage capabilities.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for comfort, durability or variety (or a combination of all three), you’ll receive each of these benefits by purchasing Dickie’s work shorts. As a result, IRONPROS advises you to consider buying one of these five pairs of shorts in the coming weeks, as you prepare for yet another hot, humid summer.

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