The Most Versatility in a Highway Paver: Dynapac D30W

The D30W is an ideal choice for asphalt pros taking on roadway projects. This 255-hp paver features dual operator consoles and Dyn@link Advanced Telematics.


Reliable Paver = Excellent Mat. Reliability in today’s market means versatility in all situations. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance. So raise a cup to cup holders on a paver – and check out the Dynapac D30W with simplified smart controls with electric over hydraulic, unique choice of feeder systems, multizone heating system and eco or power boost controls.

D30W Paver Features

  • Basic paving width: 10 ft.
  • Maximum paving width: 30 ft. 
  • Maximum layer thickness: 12 in. 
  • Up to 305 ft./min at 1 0mph 
  • 2 x 22.25-in. conveyors – independent proportional  
  • Cummins engine 
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat with cup holders, phone charger and outlet 
  • Simplified smart controls with electric over hydraulic  
  • Vibration screed operator that allows for reduced vibration for operator and ability to walk next to the paver/screed  
  • Unique choice of multiple feed systems – quad sensor or dual sensor 
  • Dual operator consoles for easy operator position changes  
  • Proven reliable paver that lays an excellent mat with Mat Master Screed 
  • Multizone heating system so you can pave without stopping 
  • Electric with eco or power boost heating 
  • U-shaped screed for extended wear 
  • Dynamic suspension control 
  • Super duty wheels 
  • CleaningAssist system 
  • Built in the U.S.A. 
  • Dyn@link Advanced Telematics 
  • Large hopper 
  • Auto lube system 

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