The Rollers with the Most Control: Dynapac SEISMIC Technology Enhances Drum Amplitude


What’s the Frequency, Eric? Eric Booth, Product Marketing Manager for Compaction at Dynapac America, shows off the Dynapac CC4200 Large Double Drum Vibratory Roller, an operator-friendly, comfort cab design with the latest innovations in the form of Seismic, Dyn@link, ECO mode and more.

CC4200 Roller Features

  • Up to 12 km/hr (7.5 mph) 
  • Kubota water-cooled diesel engine 
  • Maximum grade: 45% 
  • Optional air conditioning and climate control 
  • Automatic vibration control (AVC) with vibration quick stop and shut off for front or rear 
  • Back-up alarm  
  • Easy to read display 
  • Pressurized sprinkler system with built in filters and on a timer 
  • Hydraulic check points 
  • Lunch box holder 
  • Operator platform is shock mounted with long seat belt and sliding and swiveling operator's platform and tiltable steering wheel 
  • Spring loaded scrapers 
  • Vandal cover for instrument panel  
  • Safety features: Warning lights on panel and strobing beacon 

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