PART 2: GPS-Asset Tracking Hardware, a Top 2023 Equipment Technology Priority for Contractors


Part 2:

In this research report, we examine the priorities of contractors when it comes to deploying technology on production and field equipment. GPS Asset Tracking Hardware comes in at the top of the list in terms of technologies contractors are using or planning/budgeting for. Here, we look at all of the top categories and key vendors in each category.

This article is part two of the FULL 2023 State of the Industry: Construction Technology Report, a four-part series that outlines the growing technology present in the construction industry, how contractors are currently embedding the technology into their workflow, the future of disruptive technology and the impact technology will have in acquiring a younger generation. Use the navigation bar below to maneuver through valuable industry insight:

During 2022, IRONPROS surveyed almost 200 construction professionals on their current usage of or plans to use various digital technologies integrated with field-based construction equipment and assets. These construction technology product categories may have components that integrate with other technologies used by management-level professionals but are primarily aimed at collecting data from or automating operation of production equipment. 

The product category respondents reported using, planning or budgeting for most frequently was GPS Asset Tracking Hardware. The category most respondents said they were planning or budgeting for was collision avoidance technology. 

What is GPS Tracking Hardware?

Construction fleet management often relies on sensors and GNSS units on equipment. This is the hardware used to capture and relay data to support construction operations. Paired with GPS-Enabled Asset Management Software, this hardware can relay operating information from the machine to systems that record duty cycles, report work performed and administer maintenance activities.

Some of this hardware is cross-industry, while in other cases, vendors will create devices designed specifically for construction equipment. This specialized equipment may be distinguished by ruggedized design or unique fit and function.

What Is Collision Avoidance?

Using various reality capture tools including light-based cameras, LIDAR and SONAR paired with machine vision technology, technologies are coming to market either in OEM equipment or as aftermarket components to prevent equipment from hitting objects and more importantly pedestrians.

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What Is OEM & Third Party Telematics?

Telematics hardware and firmware is part of many equipment products shipped from OEMs. These technologies are becoming more open thanks in large part to the ISO 15143-3 standard pioneered by the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP).

But in some cases, telematics from OEMs are advancing further as networks of suppliers supplement the standard data set with additional engine- or equipment-specific data to support predictive or prognostic maintenance where data from multiple components can just be factored into a recommendation or diagnosis.

Some telematics units and firmware are installed aftermarket, and may support maintenance, automation or other applications used to manage or operate the equipment. In other cases, these telematics units are primarily aimed at data collection, often on pieces of equipment that are not typically equipped with telematics hardware from the OEM. 

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What Is OEM & Aftermarket Machine Control?

Technology to automate operation of construction equipment is coming both from the OEM as a stock feature or as an aftermarket option sold by third parties. Oftentimes, OEM machine control is provided by third party technology vendors who may partner with the OEM to include their hardware and firmware on a new product. Aftermarket machine control also often involves the OEM who may pre-install brackets and other features to facilitate its addition by a technology partner.

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What Are Job Site Security Cameras?

These are the cameras used on construction sites which can prevent equipment and material loss to theft. Some of these cameras double for other site data capture chores too.

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