How Tenna Extends Trimble's Construction Software


IRONPROS Editorial Advisory Board Member Russ Young meets with us at Trimble Dimensions to talk about Tenna and the shared customer base with Trimble, most notably among Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum construction ERP (enterprise resource planning) users.

YOUNG: Tenna is your one-stop-shop for construction equipment management. So here at Trimble Dimensions and see Vista is a one stop shop to do all of your accounting and ERP for construction. Or you might look at Procore that's the one stop shop for all your project management. Tenna is that one single pane of glass for all your construction equipment management.

IRONPROS: Yeah, you work pretty closely with a number of other software companies, including a lot of the Trimble products in the Viewpoint family. I remember getting up to my armpits in a customer's case where they are able to really use financial data to add that dollars and cents perspective to equipment refit or that rebuild or buy new type of decisions. But you know, what can you tell me about that relationship with Trimble?

YOUNG: One of our most valuable partnerships. About 42% of our install base today uses some part of Trimble mostly Vista and Spectrum. So it's a massive overlap, particularly around the heavy civil audience. So we're stoked to be here. We're excited to be mentioned up on the big stage in the keynote because the CFO in the office lives and breathes inside of Vista for example. And then the field, the shop, the yards live and breathe inside of Tenna. And all that data flows from the equipment management system right into Vista or Spectrum so that the CFO, the owners, the project managers can all make those decisions they need to make every day.

IRONPROS: In terms of that customer being mentioned on the stage that has to do with Las Vegas here, right?

YOUNG: Oh, actually, I was thrilled that several of our joint customers were mentioned on stage this morning, I felt like a rockstar even though I wasn't on stage. And the one the one that was exciting is Las Vegas paving was mentioned and as most people probably know, there's going to be big Formula One race right here in Las Vegas in two weeks, which certainly ... STREAM THE FULL DISCUSSION FOR MORE ...

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