Construction Equipment Data Interoperability


From GPS tracking to telematics, construction equipment data can take many forms, some of them open but many proprietary. Clue Insights has an elegant approach to bringing this data together, and here we brain dump CEO Oded Ran.

IRONPROS: From an interoperability standard standpoint, what I'm seeing anyway is a lot of larger construction software vendors in particular, developing an ecosystem of companies that have pre-existing integrations with their product. In some cases that might come through something like an integration platform as a service vendor that kind of acts as kind of that Rosetta Stone between things. But that all takes like a lot of pre arrangement. And, you know, someone like Procore, probably has more people in their partner network than living in the town that I'm near. I mean, that's one way to do it. Another way that we're seeing more on the equipment and telematics side is like the AEMP telematics standard. What are some challenges with these ways of doing it that that you're seeing?

RAN: I think there are a few difficulties. Let's let's talk to them one by one. First is something called reality. And the reality is that if you are right now, equipment manufacturer, let's say you're Caterpillar and you are building a new telematics system. You're probably unlikely to pick up the phone to John Deere and Komatsu and tell them hey, how about we all partner together on the standard? So these conversations probably not going to happen between competitors, and OEMs. And what we've seen historically, is that AEMP and other organizations took that challenge and say, let's create a standard. And I think, to be fair, that standard is pretty much covers 80%, but it's a good starting point. But it's a very non standard standard. Any person ... STREAM OUR FULL CONVERSATON FOR MORE ...

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