Made to work where you have work to do, SANY's SY50U compact excavator offers a range of benefits to tackle your projects. With a zero-tail swing radius and independent boom swing, it's built to work in tight spaces, while the selectable work modes help to deliver power where it's needed and optimize fuel use. Designed with easy access to service points to reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance, work faster, smarter and efficiently with the SY50U.

The tier 4 final power plant, advanced SLSS hydraulic system, optimal power control and work mode selection improve speed and power while reducing fuel consumption Zero tail swing radius and independent boom swing allow operation in extremely confined spaces. This allows operation in locations that were previously inaccessible Easily accessible service points and a detachable radiator screen are among the features that make scheduled maintenance more convenient


SANY's swing boom excavators are the champions of confined spaces. Offered in a variety of machine configurations, these mini and small excavators fit various applications like landscaping, utilities, general construction, sewer and land management. All models feature standard auxiliary lines to run powered attachments. The SY35U through the SY80U boast spacious, comfortable, climate-controlled cabs to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Simply put, these machines are the achievers of any jobsite. They deliver all day long and they come loaded with standard features and the industry's strongest standard warranty. They're reliable and durable to take you the extra mile.


At SANY America, our equipment is designed with safety and service in mind. Before any machine hits the ground, it receives a pre-delivery inspection to ensure proper and safe operation. Standard safety features on all models include, but are not limited to, high visibility, intuitive control layouts, ergonomic joysticks and switches, adjustable and comfortable operator seats, camera systems and LED work light packages.


When we say that SANY machines are built to endure, we’re really talking about service. SANY equipment is intentionally designed to be easily and efficiently serviced, with features such as wide compartment doors and ground level access where possible to make maintenance more efficient. Because ease of service means back in service.


To provide peace of mind and ensure maximum uptime, SANY backs all its equipment with robust standard warranties. That’s our commitment to keeping your fleet running at peak performance. Our network of local dealers will partner with you for routine maintenance and be there for warranty repairs. You can trust SANY to keep you moving, year-round.




HIDE Boom Length 2700 mm 8' 10 Stick (Arm) Length 1500 mm 4' 11 Transport Length 5390 mm 17' 8 Transport Width 1960 mm 6' 5 Transport Height 2630 mm 8' 8 Upper Structure Width 1760 mm5' 9 Cab Height Blade Height 330 mm 13 Track Width (standard shoe) 400 mm 16 Track Gauge 1560 mm 5' 1 Ground Clearance (minimum) 325 mm 13 Tail Swing Radius 980 mm 3' 3 Track Length on Ground 1990 mm 6' 6 Track Length 2510 mm 8' 3


HIDE Operating Weight 5300 kg 11,684 lb Ground Pressure 31.6 kPa 4.6 psi

Engine Yanmar 4THV88C

Displacement 2.2 L 134.3in3 Gross Power 29.1 kW 39.0 HP

Hydraulics Load Sensing with Pilot Control

Main Hydraulic Pump Axial Piston - Variable Displacement

Operating Flow (maximum) 110.0 L/min 29.1 gal/min Operating Pressure (maximum) 24.5 MPa 3553 psi Power Boost Pressure (maximum)

Travel Motor Axial Piston with Park Brake

Travel Pressure (maximum) 24.5 MPa 3553 psi Travel Speeds (maximum) 2.7 / 4.0 km/hr 1.5 / 2.5 mph Travel Effort (maximum) 40.7 kN 9,150 lbf Grade Capability 35°

Swing Motor Axial Piston with Swing Brake

Swing Pressure (maximum) 19.1 MPa 2770 psi Swing Speed (maximum) 10 RPM

Undercarriage (standard) Belted Rubber Track

Track Shoe Width (standard) 400 mm 16 Track Rollers (per side) 4 Carrier Rollers (per side) 1


HIDE Boom Length 2700 mm 8' 10 Stick (Arm) Length 1500 mm 4' 11 Maximum Digging Height 5450 mm 17' 11 Maximum Dumping Height 3805 mm 12' 6 Maximum Digging Depth 3420 mm 11' 3 Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 2460 mm8' 1 Maximum Reach at Ground Level 5880 mm 19' 3 Minimum Swing Radius 2520 mm 8' 3

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