OPERATING WEIGHT 59,525 LB 27,000 kg

GROSS POWER 194.4 HP 145 kW

DIG DEPTH 22' 0 6,706 mm

The SY265C is SANY's most efficient medium-sized excavator, designed to provide power and performance without high operating costs. This machine offers selectable working modes that match performance output to the job at hand to provide power you need where you need it. Other efficiency features can help save up to 10% on fuel costs, while the high-performance cooling system with electronic control fan clutch ensures clean and quiet operation in any conditions.Powerful, robust and reliable powertrain & hydraulic components for long life in the most demanding applications Optimized positive flow hydraulics improve operating efficiency by up to 5% and fuel efficiency by up to 10%

A high-performance cooling system equipped with electronic control fan clutch provides clean, quiet operation Selectable working modes match machine performance to the application, maximizing productivity and minimizing operating costs


Longer, stronger and built in Peachtree City, Georgia, SANY’s medium excavators are outstanding performers on a jobsite as they keep your crews running at peak performance. They are an engineered balance of hydraulic power, size and speed that makes them highly efficient and productive machines. Operators appreciate the level of comfort, high visibility and control at their fingertips. Like all SANY excavators, they come loaded with all the standard features you need and are backed by the industry’s strongest standard warranty. That’s 5 years or 5,000 hours of proven reliability.


Simply put, these machines are the achievers of any jobsite. They deliver all day long and they come loaded with standard features and the industry's strongest standard warranty. They're reliable and durable to take you the extra mile.


At SANY America, our equipment is designed with safety and service in mind. Before any machine hits the ground, it receives a pre-delivery inspection to ensure proper and safe operation. Standard safety features on all models include, but are not limited to, high visibility, intuitive control layouts, ergonomic joysticks and switches, adjustable and comfortable operator seats, camera systems and LED work light packages.


When we say that SANY machines are built to endure, we’re really talking about service. SANY equipment is intentionally designed to be easily and efficiently serviced, with features such as wide compartment doors and ground level access where possible to make maintenance more efficient. Because ease of service means back in service.


To provide peace of mind and ensure maximum uptime, SANY backs all its equipment with robust standard warranties. That’s our commitment to keeping your fleet running at peak performance. Our network of local dealers will partner with you for routine maintenance and be there for warranty repairs. You can trust SANY to keep you moving, year-round.



HIDE Boom Length 5900mm 19' 4 Stick (Arm) Length 2950mm 9' 8 Transport Length 10290mm 33' 9 Transport Width 3390mm 11' 1 Transport Height 3255mm 10' 8 Upper Structure Width 3150mm 10' 4 Cab Height 2957mm 9'8 Blade Height Track Width (standard shoe) 800mm 31 Track Gauge 2590mm 8' 6 Ground Clearance (minimum) 470mm 19 Tail Swing Radius 3105mm 10' 2 Track Length on Ground 3830mm 12' 7 Track Length 4636mm 15' 3 Ground Pressure 39.3 kPa 5.7 psi Engine Cummins QSB 6.7T4F Displacement 6.7 L 408.9 in3

Hydraulics Positive Flow Control with Pilot Control

Main Hydraulic Pump Axial Piston - Variable Displacement

Operating Flow (maximum) 520.0 L/min 137.4 gal/min Operating Pressure (maximum) 34.3 MPa 4975 psi Power Boost Pressure (maximum) 37.3 MPa 5410 gal/min

Travel Motor Axial Piston with Park Brake

Travel Pressure (maximum) 34.3 MPa 4975 psi Travel Speeds (maximum) 3.5 / 5.5 km/hr 2.2 / 3.4 mph Travel Effort (maximum) 227.0 kN 51,032 lbf Grade Capability 35°

Swing Motor Axial Piston with Swing Brake

Swing Pressure (maximum) 27.5 MPa 3989 psi Swing Speed (maximum) 10.6 rpm

Undercarriage (standard) Steel Track

Track Shoe Width (standard) 800 mm 31 Track Rollers (per side) 9 Carrier Rollers (per side) 2


HIDE Boom Length 5900 mm 19' 4 Stick (Arm) Length 2950 mm 9'8 Maximum Digging Height 9740 mm 31' 11 Maximum Dumping Height 6715 mm 22' 0 Maximum Digging Depth 6706 mm 22' 0 Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 5675 mm 18' 7 Maximum Reach at Ground Level 10225 mm 33' 7 Minimum Swing Radius 3800 mm 12' 6

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